Watch Out, Iran

Another side of Israel is the constant need to be on alert, to maintain the most modern and up-to-date weaponry and equipment. Israel is, for many reasons, a hi-tech hub of the world. We are number one or among the top in the world in per capita engineers, per capita computers per household, research and development and startups.

Many of these startups are started by ex-soldiers who take the drive they learned in the army to new heights. A recent, Ynet story offers one example:

Ofek-7 signs in from space
06.14.07, 20:11 /

The Eye in the Sky
Spy satellite Ofek-7 launched successfully / Hanan Greenberg

Defense establishment successfully launches new intelligence satellite from Palmahim Base; Israel expected to receive first images from space within 48 hours. ‘Satellite has advanced capabilities which will significantly improve Israel’s operational and intelligence abilities,’ senior security source says “Everything seems to be in order. The improvement we’re seeing is significant, especially after the failure of Ofek-6.”

“One of the things we do is take care of the satellite’s longevity…we’re planning its mission in space for maximum efficiency,” said captain A., also from the Intelligence mapping unit.

“The satellite’s cameras are pointed at areas we’re interested in,” explained major A., a colleague of the two. “Ofek then sends signals to a ground-reception station, where they are decoded and transferred for Army Intelligence use.”

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