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This is a constant theme in Israel and for Israelis. We were there when there was a horrible earthquake in Turkey, when the US embassy was bombed in Kenya. We flew in teams to help after the tsunami in Africa, and now this latest example of tiny Israel reaching outside itself to help others in need:

A Group of 41 Young Israelis Aid Nepal’s Poorest

For the past month and a half a group of 41 Israeli volunteers and backpackers have been aiding Nepalese in Katmandu and the suburbs. The volunteers are working under the umbrella of the Israeli aid organization Tevel Betzedek which initiated this unique program.

The group, which will continue to aid locals for the next few months, consists of ten post army-pre college volunteers as well as Israeli lawyers, social workers, health workers and others. They are sharing their experience with several local non governmental groups.

Among them is a group called Umbrella Organization, which rescues children who have been trafficked. Umbrella, run by a French Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, currently has more than 275 children in their homes.

The Israelis are helping with health and education programs. .Other groups include CWIN–a famous Nepali children’s rights organization, Prayas, which is dedicated to helping street children get off glue (most of the 5000 street children in Nepal sniff glue), a slum school which teaches street children, Pourakhi, a Nepali Migrant Workers Human Rights and Empowerment organization, that the Israeli team helped to create a Nepali language rights booklet that will be printed by the Israeli embassy and given to all Nepali workers coming to work in Israel, ETC (Educate the Children) where team members teach mathematics.

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