Pictures Tell the Story

And this is one story I never want to forget. The joy of bringing our youngest son to the moment when he begins…

It was a wonderful day…we celebrated it in sunshine at the Western Wall. Davidi carried the precious Torah scroll to the bima, from which he would read. Only later, when I saw the pictures, did I learn that the Torah scroll itself was donated in memory of the soldiers who had died during the Second Lebanon War. Somehow, having had Elie only return from war himself the day before, that made the whole day even more special.

This moment, as he carried the Torah, was a journey in and of itself. This relationship, between my son and the Torah began many years ago, was cemented in this short walk, and, God willing, will follow him for the rest of his life (ad me’ah v’esrim).

My son read from the Torah…standing there between his father and his teacher of many years.

and lest you think it was all hard work, afterwards, came the pictures and the fun. Davidi and his brothers…a bit serious.

Perhaps too serious. Time to smile and lighten up…Elie was home after more than six weeks…and a war…

Better…but really, the personality has to shine through…ah, here it comes…

My sons. May God bless them and keep them well and safe. May they know only joy all the days of their lives.

And my daughters. May they be blessed with happiness and grace, health and fortune.

Mazel tov, Davidi and welcome home, Elie…even though you are already back in the army we were so happy to have you home. Safe…and home.

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