Gee, Jameel…Do I need this?

One of the best ways to know what was happening during the recent war in Gaza and now during the recent so-called “cease-fire” – is to regularly check out the Muqata. So…I checked out Muqata today to find out how many rockets or mortars were fired at Israel today, as opposed to yesterday and the day before.

So, what do I find there?

10:52 PM What’s going on up North? Many IDF soldiers these days will tell you about all the “tension” up North…on Israel’s Northern border. Was it the underground tunnel discovered 2 weeks ago, meant to be used for a Hizbollah attack on Israel or kidnapping of IDF soldiers? Tonight on Channel 2 TV, Defense Minister Ehud Barak alluded to weapons on their way to South Lebanon which would affect the security of the “skies over Lebanon” for IAF warplanes.Obviously, Israel cannot allow for cutting edge anti-aircraft batteries to be imported to South Lebanon…so it’s only a matter of time for Israel to ensure these weapons systems do not arrive.

Finally got Elie away from Gaza…figure he’s safe in the north (ok, I never really figured that he was “safe” there, but I was at least hoping for some quiet). they found a tunnel up there that could have been used to kidnap IDF soldiers. Wonderful…just wonderful.

Well, gee, do I need this, Jameel? Oh well…

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