Yeah, That’ll Work

I am amazed at the many and varied ways people find to “punish” Israel. Never mind that fact that Israel has done nothing deserving of this punishment. Never mind that the recent was in Gaza was about as clearly an act of defense as can be established in history – I mean – you shoot 10,000 rockets and missiles at a country and, really, can you be surprised that they fight back?

So, here’s a new one (according to JTA):

Dock workers won’t offload Israeli ship

CAPE TOWN (JTA) — South African dock workers say they will not offload an Israeli ship that is set to dock in the harbor of the port city of Durban….

Referring to workers’ commitment to “refuse to support oppression and exploitation across the globe,” the committee recalls the refusal by Durban dock workers last year to offload arms from China that were destined for Zimbabwe. The release also says that workers will not allow South African ports to be used as “transit points for goods bound for or emanating from certain dictatorial and oppressive states such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Israel.”

The release continues: “We also welcome statements by various South African Jews of conscience who have dissociated themselves from the genocide in Gaza. We call on all South Africans to ensure that none of our family members are allowed to join the Israeli Occupation Forces’ killing machine.”

Calling on the South African government to sever diplomatic and trade relations with
Israel, the Palestine Solidarity Committee announced a week of action under the banner “Free Palestine, Isolate Apartheid Israel.”

All I can say is that someone should give these people a dictionary. Clearly, they don’t understand big and complicated words such as “genocide” or “apartheid.”

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