Ok, Seriously, Barak, you’re an idiot…

Israelis love their soldiers – love their generals. So much so, we sometimes elevate them to a higher-than-they-can-handle position. Such it is with Ehud Barak.

I won’t go into all the details of why I have little respect for Ehud Barak; I won’t mention all the stupid, insensitive, self-serving things he’s said and done. I won’t…really.

But today, in greeting the US Army’s vice chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral James Winnefeld, who arrived in full military uniform, Barak said “Wow, I can’t believe you came here with your uniform.”

Couldn’t the Secretary of Defense of the State of Israel think of anything more clever to say?


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  1. You’re ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room, ma’am.

    Barak’s suit doesn’t fit. If it did, you wouldn’t realize how obese he is.

    The sleeves badly need to be hemmed back. And that’s just the most glaringly obvious problem.

    If your daughter in law would learn how to do that REALLY WELL, then open a shop convenient to diplomats in T-A….. she’d be bringing home more moolah than her husband.

    Granted, there’s fewer Facebook Friends than from blogging. Oh, the pain of crying all the way to the bank….

  2. You remind me of a story of a politician, not a soldier, but none less that the Secretary of Defense, Peretz I think his name was, at the time of the last Lebanon war.

    A Shabbos guest of ours told us of his “Miv-tza-im”, as a Chabadnik, in Lebanon during the war, when he and some friends would drive into Lebanon to engage soldiers with mitzvot. My guest would also take a Torah scroll and read from it on Mondays and Thursdays for the fighting boys.

    On this one occasion, the secretary of Defense (the same one that looked into a telescope with top military people who asked him to take a look and he said something like “Wow!”, when the caps on the telescope dan’t yet been removed) was present during my friend’s reading the Torah. Suddenly they heard a screeching noise, a sign of an incoming rocket. This secretary – of DEFENSE – suddenly ran as fast as he could down the stairs into the shelter, leaving all his soldiers behind (and amused).

    Not much you can like about this character.

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