Oy Vay, What Have I Done?

Yup…I can’t believe it…like I don’t have enough to do? Seriously?

I started a blog. Another one, yes. Why? Well, it needs to be written. Sure, someone else can do it. But, it’s done. I clicked Publish. Finished. I am going to do this. I’m going to explain – where it belongs, not here, but there.

So here it is, the blog I shouldn’t have to write…but I will…
A Settler’s Blog: Introduction

If I were to tell you that as a Jew, I am not well understood by much of the world, I can also tell you that as a settler, I am an enigma even to many of my own people, even to many Israelis. The very day I came to Israel, more than 19 years ago, I became a settler – I moved to a beautiful village that was 3 kilometers to the east of a mythical line. Had I moved just 4 kilometers to the west, this blog would not exist. 

But more, the life I have led for the last 19 years, the friends I have made, and the homes I have built, would not exist either. For the first 8 years, I lived in a small village perched on the side of one high hill, down across a dry river bed, and up the side of the next hill. There was a country club with a large pool for adults and older children and a shallow pool for the younger kids. There were three synagogues, a mini-market, a pizza shop, a bookstore, and even, for a while, a hair cutter. 

When I first moved to Israel in 1993…

Wanna read the rest? Guess you have to go to: A Settler’s Blog: Introduction

3 Comments on Oy Vay, What Have I Done?

  1. We are all one family….I cannot fathom anyone thinking otherwise, and believe me, I have set many people straight when they make comments that are totally ignorant about “settlers”…..I don’t like the word, Israelis is the correct word, and wonderful productive ones at that! Good luck with your blog, hopefully it will enlighten people, and make them realize how HORRIBLE it is to hear a Jewish person talk badly about his fellow Jews. Jan

  2. Couldn’t you have just broadened this one? As someone who does 2 blogs, I wish I could go to just one, but they each have very different “voices.”

  3. Thanks Jan!

    Batya, I could have expanded this one, but there are some loud anti-“settler” voices on Times of Israel and figured this would be the best way to answer and make people aware. And, since TOI only accepts “unique” content, it has to be written there and then posted here. Given the readership there, I thought it important to put the blog there…so it is. Another post today – would love my “settler” friends to join in there…or on Facebook.

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