Oy Vay, What Have I Done?

Yup…I can’t believe it…like I don’t have enough to do? Seriously?

I started a blog. Another one, yes. Why? Well, it needs to be written. Sure, someone else can do it. But, it’s done. I clicked Publish. Finished. I am going to do this. I’m going to explain – where it belongs, not here, but there.

So here it is, the blog I shouldn’t have to write…but I will…
A Settler’s Blog: Introduction

If I were to tell you that as a Jew, I am not well understood by much of the world, I can also tell you that as a settler, I am an enigma even to many of my own people, even to many Israelis. The very day I came to Israel, more than 19 years ago, I became a settler – I moved to a beautiful village that was 3 kilometers to the east of a mythical line. Had I moved just 4 kilometers to the west, this blog would not exist. 

But more, the life I have led for the last 19 years, the friends I have made, and the homes I have built, would not exist either. For the first 8 years, I lived in a small village perched on the side of one high hill, down across a dry river bed, and up the side of the next hill. There was a country club with a large pool for adults and older children and a shallow pool for the younger kids. There were three synagogues, a mini-market, a pizza shop, a bookstore, and even, for a while, a hair cutter. 

When I first moved to Israel in 1993…

Wanna read the rest? Guess you have to go to: A Settler’s Blog: Introduction

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