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  1. While I completely agree with his assessment of Islam, I think you’d find he has unfavorable things to say about Judaism and Christianity as well. He is an avowed atheist.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe his rant. He talks about being hated but he himself seems to hate almost every nation in the world. I wonder who he is trying to brainwash. I do not believe that all Palestinians want violence. I suggest you read the book ‘I Shall Not Hate – a Gaza doctor’s journey’ by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. I hope you can find some compassion in your hearts for the suffering of the Palestinians as well. Praying for peace in Israel.

  3. @Kim: of course, not ALL Arabs want violence, but they are apparently happy to allow it. Their leaders still promise to destroy Israel and wipe out the Jews. There are thousands of acts of terrorism documented since Israel was (re-) created. Not exactly the “religion of peace” they portray in the media.

    You’ll note I used the term Arabs instead of Palestinians. Palestine was never a country. It was a regional designation and, until very recent history, it denoted the Jews and modern-day Israel, not the Arabs. That’s why I find it an ambiguous term.

  4. Anonymous // June 5, 2012 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    How does this bring us closer to peace? How can there be peace when people on both sides are constantly working so hard to polarize others on the issues? How can practical solutions to problems be found when people cannot relax their grip on their dogmatic beliefs? Why must we look at individuals and see differences instead of similarities, and fear them because of the actions of others or things that happened generations ago? Why do we look at another person and see a generalization learned from propaganda instead of the reality of our own interactions? When did we lose the ability to see ourselves in someone else’s shoes, to help others without first deciding to which nationality or race or religion they belong? And most of all, why do so many people who have absolutely no personal stake in an issue at all take sides with such over-the-top emotion? These outsiders, who love either the Palestinians or Israelis with an excess that is pathological and hate the other side with an equal zealousness, will never let there be peaceful coexistence. They cannot allow a crack to appear in an ideal that exists only in their own heads and they can’t see past their own media creations to the real world of everyday people who hope for a better future. That better future is never going to look anything like the people with the angry voices want it to, and they are the ones standing in our way, standing in the way of peace.

  5. AliasJoe, I understand Arabs is the name for a race. (Like Asians) Usually people are given the name of the place where they live. Like Egyptians, even though most of them are Arabs. If you say that Palestinians is not correct as it is not a country, would you then call them Israelis as they live in (occupied territory of) Israel? However, I understand that they are not able to get Israeli passports. What would you say is their nationality?

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