Busted Again – Voice of Palestine Lies Again

Once again, the Palestinians are spreading their lies and once again, it is so easy to prove them wrong. They seem to not understand that pictures printed 4 years ago are traceable…

So here’s the latest – @occpal posted her tweet accusing Israel

Of course, sadly, there are people stupid enough to believe anything. Here’s @yoqmeam thanking @occpal for the picture and saying that I’m the idiot for believing what the “Zionist” regime tells me. Well, I’m wondering who the idiot is now. 
So, I did a little research. Here’s the link that @occpal wants to share about the supposed injury of a Gaza baby and a massive explosion identified – look at the date – yup, that does say today…Look at the picture very carefully – do you see those straight lines?

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Here, let me help – let me zoom in on the picture. I’ve left the date in the top corner so you can see it:
Now do you see those lines to the left and right? Now look at the picture below from December, 2011 – no, not Gaza – a Colombia oil pipeline – no, not Israel, and not an Israel air craft strike…same buildings to the left, same lights to the right. Same explosion…the only truth here is that this explosion happened 4 years ago and the Palestinians have once again been busted for trying, yet again, to fool you. Don’t let them! Here’s the picture – note the date…location, etc.
No matter where the picture is from – it is very clear that once again “The Voice of Palestine” is trying to delude you into thinking the picture was from June 3rd 2012 – it clearly is not, as it appears on the Internet dating back at least 6 months – if not more. What is also clear is that there are people, even fools and perhaps idiots – who want to believe what they want and will not only believe whatever they want, but have the nerve to call others idiots. 
So, @yoqmeam – who is the idiot now?

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  1. people that don’t like Israel will give weight to flaky evidence. there is no way to change their minds

  2. Anonymous // June 3, 2012 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    im currently reading your blogs from the beginning. I’m planning on joining the army in a year or so.
    As your children are religious i wondered if they joined Nahal Hesder or normal?
    As i am currently deciding what I should join. I do not mind joining a normal unit as I love all my brothers.

    I remember you saying that your
    sons unit has a majority of religionist soldiers was this under request? or by pure chance

    From what youve written it seems like the army has treated them with the most respect making sure all visits were appropriate but I would like to know how they had time to lay tefillin ect especially during basic training ?
    Thank You

  3. You can fool some of the people some of the time…

  4. THAT is scary.

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