Who are the Palestinians?

In their own words, not mine…so, for those of you who believed that the Palestinians have a long and rich history in the land that was once Judea, then part of the Ottoman Empire, than the British Mandate, then briefly under Jordanian rule and now, again, returned to Jewish sovereignty, I offer you – in their own words, the answer to who the Palestinian people are…and where they come from (and why they are here). Here’s a hint – it isn’t Israel.

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  1. i like to look at this type of writing sometimes but again i don’t think that concentrating on this area makes sense. People in general are born liking Jews or hating Jews. After this is hard wired into a person nothing will change that. Okay so you have an argument that Palestinians are not indigenous to the state of Israel but most people are not open to argument about this,
    What it seems like that you need is for people to be philosophers that are by definition willing to accept a rational argument. Most people are not willing to accept rational arrangement when it comes to questions about their group identity

  2. Paula, Paula, Paula…. Jabotinsky explained to you already back in 1923 (“The Iron Wall”) that the truth or nonsenical-ness of what the [“Palestinian”] local tribals think, is immaterial. They think it and will continue to think it forever. The goal is not to change their minds about whether they deserved to win a war. “Manifest Destiny” didn’t change the minds of the North American AmerInd tribals. It just out-lasted and out-melting-pot’d them.

    The goal is to convince their great-grandchildren that the war is finished, that their ancestors lost; and that the proof is in their own Hebrew Republic citizenship (remember, the AmerInds started out as eg the “Cherokee Nation” and were referred to as such in legally binding treaties) and American language. No one in Oklahoma speaks Cherokee. That is why there is no longer a war in Oklahoma. I don’t advocate murder; but whatever it takes to get everyone west of the river paying their parking tickets and doing parent-teacher conferences IN HEBREW…. is what is required to “make” peace. Whoever doesn’t like that is suitable to get “transferred” to the other side of the river. Whatever their religion, and no matter if they are Tzonbon’im YEshe Nefesh’s. They can even have two or three years to do it peacefully and in an orderly way. they might even get a compensation. After all, no one is bitching about giving people who jumped a fence to (illegally) go from Sinai to the Negev, a cash bribe to voluntarily go back to Sudan. It is possibly even cheaper than dealing with Israelis who know how to work the miluim system to get that one extra day of reserve duty which kicks them up a paygrade. Hey, I’m not criticising: we do that shit here, too. We’re more creative than Shmulik in working the system!!

    there is a 1000% stronger liklihood that one of your “Palestinian” neighbor’s great-great-grandkids will show up at a Lishkat Giyus to fulfill his Hebrew Republic National Service obligation, than that Peter Beinert’s or Abe Foxman’s will. So if you’ve got lemons….. make lemonade.

    Yeah, that “Palestinian-Hebrew” kid will bitch bitch bitch about it to his platoon mates…. but he’ll be there in the tent with them. Abe Foxman’s descendents will be in Oakland, speaking Ebonics. Deal with reality, Paula.

    to quote Don Rumsfeld…. “you don’t go to war with the Army you wish you had… you go to war with the Army you have”.

  3. The Left will tell you he’s just another Israeli plant trying to further the Zionist cause! 😉

  4. Anonymous // June 7, 2012 at 2:54 pm // Reply

    I just want to point out that using this argument to say that Palestinians aren’t Palestinians opens the door to say that Morroccan Israelis aren’t really Israelis. Or that Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, etc. aren’t really Israelis.
    More than half of the Israeli population descends from or are immidgrants from other countries. Many still identify with those countries, but that does not mean that they are not Israeli.

  5. I would remind one of the posters above that he is employing a false analogy when he likens the Jews of Israel to the Europeans in the Americas, and the Arab Muslims to the Cherokee and other native Americans.

    For the analogy is exactly the other way around.

    It is groups like the *Cherokee* (quite a few of whom do still speak their own language, BTW: Cherokee like quite a few other native American languages has NOT died out entirely, they have hung onto it and are now actively reviving it, inspired in so doing by, among other things, the revival of *Hebrew*…) who correspond to the Jews within Israel – on Jewish traditional land, packed full of ancient Jewish sacred sites – and it is the European-ancestry folks in the Americans who correspond to…the invading and conquering Arab Muslims (and other Muslims who came later) who invaded, dispossessed, mass murdered, drove out (or violently moved around) and exploited the native Christian and Jewish inhabitants of Byzantine-era ‘Palestine’ and suppressed their languages (Greek and Aramaic).

    YHWH reverses the ‘way of the world’. The resurrection of Israel on part of the ancient territory of the House of Israel is a classic case not of colonisation or Empire but of DE-colonisation and the throwing off, by Jews within eretz Israel, of the yoke of dhimmitude that Jewish communities had endured throughout the realms of Islam (as also the independence of Timor Lorosae, the secession of South Sudan, and in earlier periods the booting out of the Imperial and occupying Muslims from Spain and from the Balkan countries, are and were also examples of decolonisation and the throwing off of an imperial occupier).

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