More Amazing Instances of Israel Helping

Today’s little-reported story is about a wonderful organization named Save A Child’s Heart (SACH). This week, SACH will welcome the arrival of its first group of Rwandan children suffering from heart disease to be operated on in Israel at the Wolfson Medical Center.

The five children, who range from just a few months old to 15 years of age, will land in Israel on Tuesday, August 14th, 2007, accompanied by a Rwandan Nurse as well as by two mothers. These are children who would most likely die in their homeland but will be given a chance to live and grow…because people in a far away country like Israel cared enough to help save their lives.

The story isn’t well-publicized…because the goal is to save lives, not make headlines. In the short-term, this is the correct and proper goal…but in the long term, after the children’s lives are saved and others as well, it would be wonderful if world governments and organizations would take notice. This is not something Israel has to do…they are not our citizens, they don’t even live on the same continent…but this is…above most headlines you’ll read today in the newspaper – THIS is Israel.

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