Flowers in My Garden

A few months ago, we added flowers to our garden and over the winter rainy season, they grew and grew and grew. Among the plants was this leafy plant that we had not planted. There were four of them, actually, and we watched as almost daily, the leaves grew and grew.

Each plant added leaves at an amazing rate and we kept wondering what it would be. It seemed almost impossible that with all those beautiful leaves, something even more amazing wouldn’t grow.

About two weeks ago, the something came out.

My garden is filled with color.  It’s hard to believe that I live in the desert, or at least on the edge of one.  In so many ways, this represents Israel – we defy logic. A few years ago, our mayor decided to announce the building of a lake. We laughed. We are in a desert. Who would make a lake in a desert. The answer, apparently, is Israelis.

A bit of color from my garden…after the winter of 2014.


IMG_20140305_072638 IMG_20140305_072623



The colors are just amazing…


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