A Tickling Drive

I drove home today from a client in the north and on the way saw something – several times. And as I did, I thought – wow, this is Israel. And then I thought of the blog and starting figuring out how to write about it. And the people who would write and say – don’t tell them troop movements and be careful. So…here goes.

I was driving on a road going in…one direction…and opposite me, saw…some number of tanks being carried in the opposite direction. A minute later, I drove past a tank being carried in my direction. To that was x number of tanks going and one tank going . My first thought was, well, why can’t they save gas and just send one less tank .

And then I thought of all you military types who read the blog who would write and give me all the reasons why – yeah, maintenance, training, I don’t know. Then I tried to remember what I had seen – were they tanks or artillery. I don’t know – which made me think I hadn’t been listening to Elie enough and how Elie is going to give me a lecture later today when I tell him. I think they were tanks. I’ll let you know (but not how I know the difference).

Then, as I drove on, I saw a bunch more huge military vehicles traveling in . There were really old jeeps, and some others that I haven’t got a clue what they were, and APCs and just more. No, I don’t think we were being invaded – it was just the army shuffling things around I guess and since we have enemies to the north and east and west and south…we just move this stuff around.

I’ve lived in Israel for 18 years  and I’m still in love with the little things that remind me where I live – the signs in Hebrew, the camels and sheep and goats in the open fields near the highways; the Arabs riding the donkeys and the donkey carts; and yes, the tanks.

May God bless my beautiful country every day till the end of time.

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