Flotilla Statistics

The Flotilla 2011 season has ended. The score is Israel: 2; Flotilla: 0

This year’s humanitarian operation to bring aid to the starving population of Gaza, consisted of:

  • 1 small yacht
  • 17 people
  • NO AID
  • No food
  • No building materials
  • No medicine (not even the nearly expired and expired type they brought last year)

On the bright side – they didn’t bring any weapons (at least from what I have heard so far).

Of the 17 on board, one has to wonder how many of them were journalists and if they will report accurately that there was NO violence involved.

Questions asked:

  • Please identify yourself.
  • Where did you come from?
  • What are you carrying? To which they answered honestly – nothing
  • Where are you going? Well, they said Gaza – but they’ll end up in Ashdod where their cargo will…oh, wait, they didn’t bring any cargo.

To get out of Greece – they lied and told authorities they were heading to Egypt.

So – what was accomplished? Not a heck of a lot, that’s for sure. And for the record, I’m not sure you can call a single small ship a flotilla – seems about as inaccurate as the rest of the information they have been telling the world.

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  1. This is why Israel is considered to be a pirate country,detestable all over the world. Gaza must be, and will be free!

  2. Gaza will only be free when it chooses leaders that want peace. The end of the “occupation” they need is the occupation of terrorist leaders who use children as pawns to become martyrs and suicide bombers; leaders that hide in bunkers; pathetic men who set up rocket launchers in civilian areas and then cry when Israel moves to stop the rockets from hitting its cities.

    Gaza will be free only after Gilad Shalit is freed; only after it turns to making peace and spends the BILLIONS of dollars it gets in foreign aid to build schools and hospitals and desalination plants instead of rockets and mortars.

    There is a great victory in the pathetic nature of this so-called flotilla of one boat. The victory is that hopefully the world will see how pathetic is the cause of Hamas.

    Israel’s Navy acted decisively and peacefully – unlike the butchery happening all over the Arab world today. Fourteen people were murdered in Syria today just because they dared to voice protest against Assad. Dear Anonymous #473, so brave you can’t leave your name – did you protest what Assad did today? Did you fill blogs with comments demanding the freedom of the people of Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt?

    No, only Israel, that stopped a boat with 17 people and no supplies – and did it without a single gunshot. I’m sorry. I try to be diplomatic on this blog. I try to be somewhat kind – but you and yours sicken me for your hypocrisy. How amazingly pathetic!

  3. Well said, Paula…

    and the flotilla looks more like the “S.S. Minnow” from Gilligan’s Island than an “activists for Gaza”!

  4. Those who call for a Free Gaza never mention who they’re supporting. One only wonders why. Hamas is not exactly a movement associated with freedom and tolerance. The greatest ideals of classical liberalism have been set on their head by those who blindly support modern day totalitarianism. The picture of Gaza they want to paint is as convincing as the portrait of the Soviet Union painted by Western apologists who visited the country in the early 20th Century. In neither case did the glowing accounts in question bear the slightest resemblance to reality.

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