Fire that Woman, She’s an Idiot

I’d love to write here that this blog isn’t about politics but I’d probably be lying so let me get to this next piece. It is quiet funny…along the lines of…it is so much better to laugh than to cry.

I’d like to start off by saying that Amira Hass is an idiot – she’s also a journalist for Haaretz, which makes her a dangerous idiot. Here is her latest article – with some commentary because I can’t resist. Look at the headlines – and then look at the picture!

Unbelievable force? Wouldn’t it be smart to put a picture of this “force”…no wait, “unbelievable force” no less. And what did they do? Let’s see…

Okay, so she has now described how many soldiers were sent out to the operation. No, they weren’t all involved in arresting the “activists” – they were support for the operation. Given the extreme violence with which the soldiers were met last year, this would appear to be a wise and logical way to meet an unknown “force” on the yacht. No, I can’t call it a flotilla. A flotilla indicates more than one small yacht. So, Amira Hass accuses Israel of using “unbelievable force” not for any action, but for the preparation they took to ensure the safety of its soldiers. Clearly, as Amira Hass has proven so many times in the past, the safety of our soldiers is about as low on her priority list as it could get…somewhere below saving cockroaches, probably.

Wow – what violence – they asked a question. They probably identified themselves as the Israeli navy and then asked “What is your destination?” I’m surprised she didn’t qualify her post with an adjective by calling it a “barbaric” or “threatening” question.

Int his one line, Amira Hass is accurate – this was no joke. Her line about “all sorts of weapons” reminds me of that LATMA skit on the flotilla with the great lines from last year. The activist claims to have been attacked by a “massive” gun. 
He is asked “What type of gun was it?” and then admits, “It was…a paintball gun…but a massive one.” All sorts of weapons? Is that the best she could come up with? Obviously, it is. Note how relaxed the activists are…that they can make jokes. 
It’s also nice to see that Amira Hass wasn’t the only idiot on board – clearly Dror Feiler wasn’t graced with too many brains either, “stop pointing your guns at us” – does he really think that’s enough to get a trained soldier to lower his weapon when facing the possibility of an attack? I can see it now – new Hamas training – if you confront a soldier, tell him to lower his weapon and tell him you aren’t armed. Where do these people stow their brains?

Well, wow – so the violent confrontation involved a soldier daring to offer assistance to someone? “Hold my hand?” Ah, she is insulted that they took pictures and documented their humanitarian actions. Again, given the absurd claims that the soldiers started the violence last year, does she really think Israel was stupid enough to not take pictures?

And there it is. The end of the story. “People were taken to their luggage” – barbarians!
Someone asked them if they were okay, if they were in pain. Checked their pulses and gave them fruit and water. And then “that was the extent of their medical exam”? Did she want the Israeli army to bring in X-ray equipment? What “medical exams” has Gilad had over the last five years
Note what is missing in this story – no one was beaten; no one was injured; no one was searched or harassed.  They weren’t allowed to see their lawyers? Were they charged with anything? What lawyers did they need to see? And is Amira Hass so ignorant of Israeli law that she does not know the police/army is allowed to detain prisoners/suspects for a minimum period of time before they must, by law, give them access to a lawyer? 
I really don’t think a few hours qualifies – and again, when in the last 5 years was Gilad Shalit allowed access to a lawyer
If this is the extent of Amira Hass’ journalism, the woman should be fired. She should also be awarded Idiot of the Year – perhaps even Imbecile.
Soldier giving “flotilla” fool fruit – how barbaric!

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  1. Israel is too kind to its enemies. In an Arab country they would be shot dead and have their bodies dumped in a river. Anti-Israel activists are fortunate they can live to tell the tale. The truth about Israel will come out no matter how many lies are told about it.

    And for the record, the Dignite did not carry any humanitarian aid to Gaza. But one can’t expect the likes of Amira Hass to set the record straight for the world!

  2. My first observation is how slanted her writing appears. Everything appears to be an evil Israeli plot to her. She writes that they were taken aboard “the huge missile boat Kidon, among the missile — obviously intended for Gaza…” Hmm, what makes her think the missiles were intended for Gaza? If she did even a little bit of research (like I just did), she’d know that the weapons systems on the Kidon are as follows:

    Kidon: (Hetz-subclass)

    – 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles
    – up to 6 Gabriel anti-ship missiles OR
    – up to 32 Barak surface-to-air missiles
    – Otobreda 76 mm / Typhoon 25 mm naval gun
    – 2 Oerlikon 20 mm cannons
    – Phalanx CIWS
    – 2 M2 Browning machine guns


    Let’s look at these weapons. The Harpoon and Gabriel missiles are ANTI-SHIP missiles — that is, you shoot them at an enemy ship.The Barak missiles are surface-to-air missiles, meaning you shoot them at aircraft. None of these missiles are for use against land-based targets (i.e. – Gaza). The remaining guns are small and intended for various scenarios. The 3 inch gun (76mm) is normally used for warning shots across the bow of another ship and perhaps anti-aircraft. The 20 mm cannons and the .50 cal M2 are used against small attack craft or for anti-aircraft and the Phalanx CIWS is a dedicated anti-missile defense system to protect the Kidon.

    If this woman had any sense of reality, or half a brain, she’d write a logic, honest report of the events. Instead we’re treated to her liberal spin and her feelings about the Israeli armed forces.

    Now for my observation — perhaps Dror Feiler’s saxophone playing is so bad that the Israeli sailors moved away so they didn’t have to listen to it.

    You’re right, Paula. She’s an idiot.

  3. Paula, did you see her latest malarky?

    it’s here

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