Tomorrow 2012 – and the Bloggers

There’s an interesting side point here at the President’s Conference. There’s a press room that has been set aside to allow journalists access to computers, a copy machine, free coffee, and for many, plenty of electrical outlets. I’m here charging my computer so I can keep blogging, tweeting, and be in communication with others.

There’s chatter going on here – names of speakers and all. And a few minutes ago, instructions for  someone to do something with a video and press releases. “Get me a picture of the Jordanian and the Egyptian.”

That’s how we are referring to those who have come here – that was how I kept it the various journalists apart at the session – the Jordanian, the Egyptian, the Turk.

And finally, a thank you to the coordinators of the conference – they did something that I have really never seen done to this level…they recognized the bloggers as forces of power in the world of media. They have afforded us full access to people, to resources – in short, they have shown with action, a commitment to the tomorrow of journalism.

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