50 Rockets Hit Israel in 3 Days

Over one million people have 60 seconds to run, to hide, to pray that this rocket won’t hit near their home. Last night, a man left his house to go somewhere – he was 100 meters away when the rocket hit. People have been injured – one seriously. 
And so I will leave you with the thought – look quickly around you – you’ve just heard a siren…where will you hide? Do you have a safe room…and can you get there fast enough? Do you have your son or daughter with you? Do you have to grab more than one child? Do you have an elderly parent that walks slowly?
Where will you hide – if you’ve read to here – the rocket has already exploded…
And my last question – how many rockets hit YOUR country today? More than fifty rockets…15 seconds if you live in Shderot…45 if you live in Ashkelon….60 if you live in Beersheva…

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