50 Rockets Hit Israel in 3 Days

Over one million people have 60 seconds to run, to hide, to pray that this rocket won’t hit near their home. Last night, a man left his house to go somewhere – he was 100 meters away when the rocket hit. People have been injured – one seriously. 
And so I will leave you with the thought – look quickly around you – you’ve just heard a siren…where will you hide? Do you have a safe room…and can you get there fast enough? Do you have your son or daughter with you? Do you have to grab more than one child? Do you have an elderly parent that walks slowly?
Where will you hide – if you’ve read to here – the rocket has already exploded…
And my last question – how many rockets hit YOUR country today? More than fifty rockets…15 seconds if you live in Shderot…45 if you live in Ashkelon….60 if you live in Beersheva…

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  1. 50 rockets hit Israel, but how many people were injured or killed? If 50 rockets hit the West Bank or Gaza at least a thousand people would be killed or injured.

    The land you live on is stolen. The way you treat the people who you stole the land is abominable. If you lived the way they did you’d be angry too. If I lived the way they did I’d be angry. Crazy thing? There are people who are angry but who don’t hate you like you hate them. Crazy thing is that those people are looking to their faith and what it teaches them, what God teaches us. To love, and not oppress. To love your enemy.

    I think its a bit out of whack for you to play the victim card. You are not a victim. The Palestinians are the victims. They are the victims of my government, your government, many Middle Eastern governments.

    For once why don’t you try to put yourself in their shoes. Let go of your anger and victim mentality. That’s what I try to do when I think about how your government treated me recently. That’s what I do when I think about how your country treated my dearest friend in the world and how your armies forced them out of their village of Ayn Karem. I try not to be angry, and she tries to do the same thing. Why don’t you be a bigger person and act with the same dignity my Palestinian friend does?

  2. The land that they have stolen? The Palestine Mandate included all of Trans Jordan and parts of what is now Iran and Iraq. The residents of what is now Israel were 80 per cent Jewish. When the Muslim populations objected to the Jewish immigration after the European pogroms and violence broke out, members of the league of nations decided to dedicated the tiny strip of land we call Israel and left the entire remainder, 10 times the land area, to the Muslim populations.
    The 20 percent of the Israeli population hoe are not Muslim are allowed worship Allah. The 10 per cent who are Christians are allowed to follow Christ.
    Dol you find any of that tolerance in the rest of the middle east?
    Learn history. Israel is their historical home, and radical Islam has been trying to destroy them for 1000 years.

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