This is Our History But Not Our Future

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. Last night, many gathered to remember. Today in school, children are gently being taught of what was. This morning at 10:00 a.m., air raid sirens sounded all over Israel – in every city, every town, every village, on the radio, in the cars and buses.

For two minutes, people stood in silence, paid tribute, remembered, and prayed it would never happen again. Many, like me, thought of the dangers that face us, that threaten. Many, like me, find comfort in the army that is our sons and daughters. They stand between us and the next Holocaust.

There are few pictures that encapsulate so much as the one that appears below. If there ever was an apt example of a picture speaking a thousand words (and more), this would be it. This evil is what we faced. That a man could face a woman and a child and take aim…this is evil. This is fascism. This was Nazism. This is anti-Semitism.

This is our history but it will NOT be our future. Never again.

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  1. I’m not sure about that.

    Its not dead Jews people need to be concerned with. Its with living Jews.

    People aren’t treating them with respect and as long as they don’t, then sorry – no – no one has learned the lessons of the Shoah.

    All the Holocaust memorials in the world won’t change the truth that anti-Semitism is still very much with us.

  2. Never forget the horrors and trauma the Jewish people went through. May their names and memory always be a blessing.


  3. I was in Israel last October and had a wonderful trip visiting biblical sites and enjoying the beautiful country. However, I found it disturbing to see the checkpoints and walls and the armed soldiers. One time we saw some Arab children running up a hill toward us and an unmarked car stopped and three young men jumped out with guns pointing at the children and chased them away. Unfortunately that was my first thought when I saw the picture in your blog. It seems the (at one time Jewish) victims have become the oppressors. During WW2 many people have sacrificed (often with their lives) to help Jewish families and children escape from the Nazi’s. It seems that now the roles are reversed and the Palestinians are the ones who have lost their freedom and many lost their lives and livelihood. I know there is a lot more to it, but I am sure that true peace can only come when we love each other and look at each others hurt and pain instead of at our own. I am not against Jews. We met wonderful people on our trip and your blog portrays you as a loving mother and a hard worker. Much like I am in our family. And I am sure many Palestinian families are as well. Sending you love from an other side of the world.

  4. >> Its not dead Jews people need to be concerned with. Its with living Jews

    There ought to be strong safeguards in Israeli Immigration Law to ensure that Hebraic people anywhere, can find a refuge in Israel when truly needed. On the other hand, the “Ingathering of the Exiles” has gotten out of control. There’s a significant percentage of western-country Jews (the neurotic-bordering-on-psychotic ones) who arrive in Israel as a last resort, only because they somehow can’t function in North America. It’s not helpful to Israeli Jews – nor is it fair to loyal-to-State groups like the cherkassim who never produced any Anat Kams – that the Americans get an automatic pass to come into Israel.

    Letting folks like Mya Guarneri get an Israeli passport…. was that really a zionist accomplishment?!?

  5. Anonymous,the checkpoints exist for one reason,and one reason only, to stop the terrorist attacks,and suicide bombers from coming into Israel.

    Jews have not become the oppressors, in fact,just the opposite,unlike in WW2,during the Holocaust,they now have the ability to protect the lives of their families, and loved ones from Arab terrorists.

    You should read what the Palestinians did to the Fogel family. In fact,Paula has quiet a few articles about that horrible murder on this blog.

    Also,google the Passover massacre,or the Sbarro suicide bombing,or the Munich Olympic massacre,or the Maalot school shooting,or Talia Hatuel and her children,or the countless other horrific terror attacks Arabs have committed against innocent Jews.

    The Arab terrorists are no different at all in their murderous intent towards the Jews than the nazis were.

    If what you were saying about masked men chasing Arab kids was true, that is horrible,but you don’t know the maked men were Jews, it seems you just assumed they were.

    Either you are not aware of the circumstances, and background of this conflict,or you do know, and don’t care because you are antiIsrael.

    If the latter is the case. I think you really have a lot of hatred in your heart towards Israel, and the Jewish people despite your nice words.

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