They Searched All Night

They train for this, hoping it never happens. Our rescue workers, our soldiers – they learn how to respond, how to act, knowing that it will happen, as it has in the past and as it will in the future. So long as there are those willing to act in evil, there will be those who will be called upon to try to stop the evil, to save the innocent.

Yesterday, two women went hiking in my beautiful country. Christine Logan came to visit Israel. Her friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, is a tourist guide and did what I did just a bit ago with some visiting guests. She took her friend to see Israel, to walk among our hills and understand why we love it here so much.

Except something went terribly wrong. Two Arabs approached them and spoke to them. Kaye thought they were suspicious and as soon as they left, told her friend they needed to move on. Out of no where, the Arabs returned. From her hospital bed, Kaye explained what happened when the Arabs approached them. Was it robbery? Was it criminal? The police are investigating. No matter what it was, it was terrorism.

I was very scared, but my friend became hysterical. I told her to be quiet, but she told them, ‘Take the money, take everything,’ and they took everything. One of them took the Star of David necklace off my neck like a gentleman, and then they stabbed me 12 times. They came to kill. Nobody walks around with a knife like that for no reason.

Last night, after Kaye managed to escape and make her way to safety, soldiers went out and searched through the night. Kaye was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Christine’s body was found this morning. these are one of those times that I have to admit I do not understand. What harm did these women do as they walked with Kaye’s dog through the hills on a beautiful Saturday morning in Israel? What right did these two Arabs have to attack them, stab and seriously wound one and murder the other.

There are times where there is great satisfaction in life – when you accomplish a task, when you search and find, when you try and rescue. And there are times of great sadness. When you try and only later find that the evil you challenged won this battle.

There was no justice for her in this life – but there will be in the next. Her murderers will be found in this life, and they will pay for their brutality in both this life and in the next. Is there more we can do for Christine? Perhaps not.

But somehow, I wish her family could know that many searched last night for her, hoping to find her, save her. I hope this, at least, will bring some comfort to her family.

The people of Israel join Christine Logan’s family in mourning her death. May her death be avenged and her memory blessed.


  1. a tragedy indeed, my heart goes out to the family and friends of the murdered woman. Now the other woman has to live with those horrible memories forever, that too is terrible beyond words. I have always told my friends that I feel safer in Israel than anyway in the world as you know who your enemies are…in the US a perfectly “normal” looking person can and often does have bad intentions. I hope that the murderers are caught ASAP and that they suffer the same fate as Eichmann did…they should be hung. I surely wish that Israel had the death penalty, those two beasts deserve nothing less.

  2. A sad story indeed.

    I get tired of hearing (from my liberal friends) that “We’re all God’s children. We’re all the same inside — we want food and shelter for our families, education for our children, health, wealth, happiness, etc. etc. etc.” This view of the world seems to ignore the evil that exists. Yes, we all may be God’s children, but there are obviously a large number of people that do not wish to follow His commandments. They lie, cheat, steal and, yes, murder for personal or religious reasons. Evil exists in the world and this story is just another sad, wicked reminder of that fact.

    Comfort and blessings to Christine’s and Kaye’s families and to those involved. Peace to you and your family, Paula.

  3. Thanks, Jan and thanks ProphetJoe

    There seems to be a gag order in place – the entire incident has disappeared from the news here. Typically, that means they are close to finding the culprits/murderers. I can only hope so.

    I did see one report suggesting that there is a concern that the murderers actually were workers in Beit Shemesh nearby. Hopefully they will be caught soon.

    This was truly a senseless tragedy.

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