Beware of…Donkeys?

Shmulik got a call last night from his commanding officer, S. S told Shmulik he was going to be spending the week taking the car to be repaired. What happened?

Well, apparently S was driving and a herd of donkeys crossed the road. Another car swerved and crashed into a tree, totaling the car, but luckily leaving the driver unhurt. S. didn’t crash the car – he’s an excellent driver, but he did hit a donkey – thus breaking the front lights and another donkey crashed into his side door – making it difficult or impossible to open the driver’s door.

No – you can’t blame the army for attacking the donkeys. One could wonder why the donkeys’ owners didn’t take better care of their herd, but in any event, one must remember that no good can come from a donkey meeting a car or a car meeting a donkey.

I know also that there is nothing humorous about this situation and yet, as I once smiled about the “Beware of Camels” sign on the way to Elie’s training base in the south many months ago, I am amused at how we worry about so many threats…and sometimes are reminded there are other things we could worry about too.

Donkeys in the road? I guess so – at least in the Middle East.

And thankfully – although I can’t report on the status of the donkeys themselves, I can say no one else was injured (although one driver is going to be shopping for a new car and the army will be repairing the car my son drives).

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  1. So let me get this straight… S crashed his army car into a donkey. He made an ass of himself… 😉

    In all seriousness, livestock can be a big danger on the road. I remember (not long after we were married) that my wife and I were driving home in the evening — just past the twilight hours. I had decided to take the country roads instead of the highway (being a man, I almost always *think* I can make better time without those other drivers impeding me! 🙂

    At one point, the road makes a full 90 degree right-hand turn. As I made the corner and started to accelerate, the headlights suddenly illuminated 3 large cows in the road and another 4-5 milling around in the ditch. I slammed on the brakes and stopped short of hitting anything, but it certainly did get my attention!! I could see that the gate had been opened and the cows were simply looking for greener pastures (so to speak). As we finally passed the small herd, I saw the farmer approaching in his truck to corral the wayward escapees. I was just glad we didn’t hit one of them!

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