The Truth in the Youth

Elie was sitting on my youngest daughter’s bed, playing a game with her. She has these toys – Littlest Pet Shop figurines, that she adores. Whole worlds are built, whole communities. The only limitation is her imagination. She adds to the little plastic figures and objects with pieces from other toys, even plastics and small boxes.

A broken plastic boat that once sailed around Elie and Shmulik’s baths was on the bed. Elie picked it up, “Let’s make a flotilla,” he joked.

He opened the boat and put some of the plastic animals inside, “Now we need humanitarian aid,” he said as he began searching through the tiny toys. He picked something up – I don’t know what, and then he said, “ok, now for the guns.”

He laughed at his own joke; I laughed too. Funny how a young man of 23 can understand so much more than whole nations and leaders.

Happy birthday, Elie – I love your sense of who you are, what you have become!

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