When Humanitarian Aid Is Really the Goal

I recently received this note about an organization whose primary function is not making a political statement but rather honestly distributing humanitarian aid. They had their aid delivered, promptly, politely, non-violently…but then again, their goals were honorable and well intentioned. Like many, it appears they were deeply angered by the “freedom” flotilla’s propaganda campaign and the violent repercussions that resulted from their placing armed thugs on the Mavi Marmara.

Friend Ships, our aid organization that owns humanitarian ships made two trips to Ashdod Israel with our ship, Spirit of Grace and an all-volunteer crew.  5000 tons of supplies was delivered per ship. We brought aid to the Palestinians in the West Bank, to Bethlehem and to Gaza- for distribution to Palestinians and Israelis.  On both trips, our cargo was simply looked over, checked for items of destruction and released, a simple process. From our experiences all over the world, Israel was one of the best.  There is no need to take subversive actions or try to break Israel’s security and we found it to be trouble free do go through the proper procedures. We look forward to more trips to Ashdod. 


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  1. Whadaya wanna bet this story won’t be “sexy” enough to make it much further than this? “Fair and balanced” and “MSM” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence together.

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