The Flotilla’s Hero…Thanks to LATMA!

When I listened to the absurd lies coming from the mouths of those who claimed to have been on the flotilla (many finally admitting they were down below in those critical first moments when the thugs were attacking Israeli soldiers…or even on another ship completely), I was so angry. Peace activists? Humanitarians? These were barbarians. Read the story of what these thugs did!

One cut a soldier in his stomach…and then another grabbed the knife and twisted it to cause maximum damage. In the end, his stomach horribly open, the soldier managed to escape and jump into the sea to swim to safety. Another had his ear almost completely severed. The brutality of the attack can be seen in video after video and still there are these idiots…no, this is public, I have to be polite…morons…no, I can do better…people? No, certainly not human beings…okay, I will stick with the only safe word I can think of…and still these idiots want to believe the soldiers are guilty. I couldn’t’ believe when I heard on the radio that during Israel’s initial investigation, soldiers told the army that at first, they even talked about going aboard ship in dress uniforms, the ones they wear to ceremonies and to travel to and from base. Can you imagine? You could scream…and still the world would believe this idiocy and so there are among us…those who choose to laugh. I thank the people of LATMA from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for the laugh and for putting this all in proper perspective. If you’re angry about the flotilla, watch this and smile! Watch this and laugh!

Another brilliant production from LATMA – probably the organization best handling Israel’s PR in the world. An exaggeration? Perhaps not.

Speaking of exaggerations – enjoy – I certainly did.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I loved your “What’s it like” post and linked to it in my own blog here:

    Happy blogging

  2. Have you seen “The Three Terrors” on youtube?

  3. רונית // June 22, 2010 at 8:48 am // Reply

    Thanks Paula for brightening up my day (exam-cramming), and thank you so much for introducing me to Latma. After watching that video, I spent the next hour on youtube watching Latma clips. If I fail tomorrow, I know who to blame 😉

  4. you forgot to mention few things:

    – activists on the ship were ATTACKED by Israeli commandos.

    – it all happened in international waters

    – israeli commandos killed 8 activists

    – several israeli commandos were captured but were NOT killed by the activists (when they could easily be).

    – the fact that israel doesn’t want to accept international probe speaks by itself

  5. Dear Anonymous # 356:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment. Unfortunately, I see that you missed some key facts.

    Since the commandos dropped – one by one by one and were set upon before their feet even touched the deck, it’s hard to see how you can say the commandos attacked anyone. I watched the videos – all I saw were a bunch of thugs beating and stabbing soldiers…I actually didn’t see any soldiers beating ANYONE.

    Yes, it happened in international waters…while you are correct, your point means nothing because according to international law, nations have the right to set up naval blockades. If you take the time to READ the law, rather than try to imply what you THINK is the law…you’ll find Israel had every right to stop the flotillas.

    Yes, Israeli soldiers could have been killed – you’ve proven my point exactly. Faced with deadly force – Israeli soldiers had no option but to fight for their lives…and they did. That no Israeli soldier was killed has NOTHING to do with the supposed mercy of the thugs on board, and everything to do with their training and dedication, one to the other.

    International probe? Please. Been there, done that. We can only wonder what so-called Jew the world will thrust at us this time to be judge. Last time it was the hanging judge Richard Goldstone. It was an absurd abuse of the concept so no, we have no reason to submit to what we know will be a prejudiced, unbalanced, predetermined result.

  6. – Did the people on the ships have some sort of duty to allow armed men to attack them without resistance? You sound like the activists were terrorists on a mission to attack Israeli people. Nonsense. The main goal of the ship (full of activists) was to bring aid to Gaza, not to attack Israeli people! They were non-violent UNTIL the IDF special forces repelled onto the ship.

    – Maybe you’re right about the law, but I wonder what would Israel and Americans say if it was Iran (instead of Israel) attacking humanitarian ships (carrying aid) in International waters… Think about it.

    – It seems you aren’t aware of the fact that some commandos were actually CAPTURED and taken away by activists on the ship. So your words about “their training and dedication, one to the other” make no sense there. Look ta the facts: 3 or 4 commandos were captured (inspite of their training and dedication) and their weapons were taken away. Those who captured them could easily killed them if they have wanted. But they didn’t. Maybe they aren’t such “animals” or haters after all?

    – Sorry, but you didn’t change my mind about international probe. I’m sure North Korea has conducted its own probe into the sinking of a South Korean ship few weeks ago. But would you believe them? The same goes for Israel. The guilty will once again ‘find’ themselves innocent. What a farce!

    Gaza flotilla raid was a great tragedy and IDF has the blood of 8 people on it’s hands. At least Israel was forced to ease Gaza blockade, so I guess this is the only positive from this horrible story.

    best regards

  7. Dear Anonymous # 356…or is it #357?

    You ask important questions and in a respectful way, though clearly there is anger in your tone…but I can understand that. I too am angry about the flotilla fiasco, though I assume your anger and mine are for different reasons. Let’s talk about your anger first:

    Your first point is so many points that it would take me one whole comment just to answer it…perhaps I should indeed switch this to a post rather than a comment, but let’s begin and see where it goes:

    1. You ask if the people had some sort of duty to allow armed men to attack without resistance. Well, see, you are already starting off in the wrong direction because the first answer is that they were in the process of violating a declared naval blockade which in fact, according to that international law (which you admit I might be “right about”), Israel had FULL legal rights to stop the ship, detain the ship, and absolutely, use force. You yourself admit the soldiers were attacked and it is clear from the pictures and what was done to the soldiers that the force used against them was clearly “deadly force” – after all – several soldiers were shot…and they were shot by those thugs on the ships that grabbed the soldiers’ weapons, turned them and attacked the soldiers. Once they grabbed the soldiers guns – all bets were off. It became a battle between two armed camps. If I sound like I am saying that the “activists” were “terrorists on a mission to attack Israeli people” – I’m glad. That is exactly what I am saying. Glad I am clear. The videos show those so-called activists clearly preparing for battle. Taking ship railing and cutting it with those humanitarian aid drills and prepare their weapons in advance. As such, saying they were non-violent before the IDF landed on the ship is absurd. Of course they were non-violent in the sense that we assume they didn’t attack each other; but they were certainly violent in the fact that they were quite busy planning their attack. By your logic, we would say no one is violent…um…until they get violent.

    2. No one attacked humanitarian ships because those ships , while indeed carrying aid, were not primarily dedicated to this concept. Had they been, they would have agreed to either Israel or Egypt’s offer to deliver the aid. No, they had a political purpose – to break the blockade…and they failed. The humanitarian aid was a guise, a cloud behind which they tried and failed to hide. Yes, I am right about the fact that Israel did NOT violate international law and so your comment, again, about international waters is not relevant here.

    3. If the commandos were captured, that proves again, our right to use deadly force to get them back. No, I give no credit to the “mercy” of the captors and among those “activists” who were killed – are those who held our soldiers. So we have two clear rules for future flotillas:

    a. If you grab a soldier’s gun – expect to get shot.

    b. If you capture a soldier – expect to die.

    As for their being animals…those are your words…or perhaps mine. Either way, the blood thirst in the way they beat the soldiers is there, clear, in the video.

    …Knew it would be too long…continued on the blog as a regular blog post…please see “Response to Anonymous # 356”

  8. OK, I’ll respond there.


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