The Flotilla’s Hero…Thanks to LATMA!

When I listened to the absurd lies coming from the mouths of those who claimed to have been on the flotilla (many finally admitting they were down below in those critical first moments when the thugs were attacking Israeli soldiers…or even on another ship completely), I was so angry. Peace activists? Humanitarians? These were barbarians. Read the story of what these thugs did!

One cut a soldier in his stomach…and then another grabbed the knife and twisted it to cause maximum damage. In the end, his stomach horribly open, the soldier managed to escape and jump into the sea to swim to safety. Another had his ear almost completely severed. The brutality of the attack can be seen in video after video and still there are these idiots…no, this is public, I have to be polite…morons…no, I can do better…people? No, certainly not human beings…okay, I will stick with the only safe word I can think of…and still these idiots want to believe the soldiers are guilty. I couldn’t’ believe when I heard on the radio that during Israel’s initial investigation, soldiers told the army that at first, they even talked about going aboard ship in dress uniforms, the ones they wear to ceremonies and to travel to and from base. Can you imagine? You could scream…and still the world would believe this idiocy and so there are among us…those who choose to laugh. I thank the people of LATMA from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for the laugh and for putting this all in proper perspective. If you’re angry about the flotilla, watch this and smile! Watch this and laugh!

Another brilliant production from LATMA – probably the organization best handling Israel’s PR in the world. An exaggeration? Perhaps not.

Speaking of exaggerations – enjoy – I certainly did.

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