Morning Birds

I got up extra early this morning to beat the traffic and go to a client’s site up north. It was a bit after dawn, not quite full light yet but the sun was probably just below the horizon. I love that time of the day – it is filled with all the wonders, all the promises of the day to come. I don’t know when I stopped being a night person but I’d as soon go to sleep as do anything else as the evening rolls past.

So I walked out of my house to the silence that is characteristic of early mornings and heard…well, nothing for a second. And then, I heard the birds. Overshadowed by the noise humans make, this is the hour of the birds. They were chattering away in the trees, just taking to the skies to greet the new day.

As I left the city, the sun was just beginning to shine on the Jerusalem stone of the buildings, making them golden. We don’t listen to the birds enough, I think.

In Israel, the birds are different – no, that’s silly, of course they aren’t different. But there is this amazing thing that happens each time I see the dawn and hear the birds – I think that if there is peace, this is it. Peace can happen between peoples, between nations – but sometimes it doesn’t. Despite all your greatest intentions and your largest sacrifices, sometimes the peace you have to settle for is the peace of the birds.

Let their chatter fill your ears, your heart, your mind. It can be enough – that peace of the birds. It can. It’s that feeling that the world is okay, even good; that today will be okay; that your children are safe and asleep and at peace.

I don’t always have the time to listen to the birds and too often my day starts after the birds have been intimidated by the noise humans make. But if you listen, they will tell you that sometimes peace in your heart can replace the peace between nations that can be so elusive.

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