On This Day…

Ever have a day going along just fine until something comes and floors you? I wasn’t feeling well last night and thought of skipping work…but I had to do this, I had to do that…so I came in saying that maybe I’ll crash tomorrow.

The morning started sluggish, but I hit my stride over an hour ago and I’m chugging along happily cleaning things off my desk. I’m trying to watch what is happening with the massive hurricane hitting the US; I’m trying to switch windows, worrying about whether Gaza has decided to fire another rocket at Israel. And then, I saw this message on Twitter and I just stopped and took a deep breath.

They probably all died – those 2,000 elderly and sick Jews who were deported to Auschwitz. I clicked the link – there is a picture there, of the Jews being loaded on to trains for the trip to their deaths. The sun seems just a little bit less bright; my heart hurts just a little bit.

My eyes are stinging. My brain, ever the smart one is telling the rest of me to get back to work. There are things I have to deliver, a website I have to build, a document I have to edit. It’s close to the end of the month and there’s accounting coming up soon. 

It’s hard to get back to work without thinking about this little tweet. Two thousand people…two thousand Jews. On this day…on this day…

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