Media Damage

Ten years ago, the media around the world showed a picture of a young Palestinian boy being beaten by an Israeli cop on the Temple Mount. There was a problem though – the boy wasn’t Palestinian. The policeman wasn’t beating the boy, but was rather rescuing him from the Arab mob that had surrounded the unarmed American yeshiva student, and the location was wrong too. It wasn’t on the Temple Mount.

The young many is named Tuvia – he’s now married with a family. The policeman is named Gidon. Tuvia’s father saw the picture in the paper and realized that it was HIS son who had been beaten and he insisted on correcting the media.

Ten years later – and the media is no more responsible, no more accurate.

Meanwhile, Honest Reporting, an organization dedicated to bringing justice to the media…or at least accuracy, brought Tuvia and Gidon together for the first time.

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  1. Sometimes it takes 10 years (or more), but in the end, the truth will win!

    Thanks for posting this, Paula.

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