So, when are you coming home?

Chaim called! After finishing the army and vacationing in Thailand, he returned to the States to spend some time with his family. I’m happy for them…I want him to come back though.

He called today, feeling that he’s been a bad “son” for not being in touch. We talked a few minutes and then he said someone had come to visit him so he’d call back. I was making food for Davidi when my phone rang. I told Davidi to answer it and with a huge smile, I heard him begin talking to Chaim – in Hebrew. I’m betting after so long speaking Hebrew, Chaim has missed it.

Shmulik walked in to borrow the car. I told him Chaim was on the phone so he went over and took the phone from Davidi and said, “So, when are you coming home?”

I don’t know what Chaim said, but Shmulik kept referring to “home” – what will you do when you “come home” and what will you learn when you “are home” and so many more times. Subtle, my middle son is not.

And just after he said goodbye to Chaim and was about to hand me the phone, he finished with one more, “So, I’m waiting till you return to Israel, to home.”

I believe that Chaim and Yaakov will come to live in Israel, to raise their children here. I hope, truly hope, that   the rest of their family will come too.

Subtle, Shmulik was not – but he had a message he wanted to get across to his adopted brother and it was important enough for him to say it over and over again – we’re waiting for you to come home. We’re happy you are with your family in America…we’re waiting, because Israel is your home.

(I hope Chaim’s mother won’t be annoyed with me for writing this…it’s done only out of love!)

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  1. Subtlety is not all it’s cracked up to be! Shmulik was spot on.

    Another wonderful post, Paula. More proof of the “culture of life (and love)” that I get so see through your window in the internet. Thanks for another glimpse!

    Have a blessed shabbat.

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