Kam You Get Any Dumber?

I’m reading an article published in the Haaretz news site about Anat Kam, the idiot woman who stole 2,000 secret and top secret documents while working for a top level military commander…and now wants the world (or at least the courts) to believe she didn’t do anything wrong. The full article in which Anat Kam admits to having stolen the documents can be read here (please make sure not to click on any advertising links on the page…I would hate to think I helped Ha’aretz in any way!): www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1162458.html (I rejected to comments posted to my blog by the once-again brave “Anonymous” trying to alert us to this article and suggesting if true, that he (the poster) fully supports Kam…I guess as dumb as Kam is…there are still even dumber…but as to the full nature of Kam’s arrogance and stupidity…here are some example:

She said she stole sensitive military information because: “certain aspects of the IDF’s conduct in the West Bank that I thought were of interest to the public.” Really, this naive, stupid 20-year-old girl thought she had the right to decide what was of interest to the public? Amazing, the arrogance.

Anat Kam says she turned to Israeli journalists (as opposed, one would assume, to Israel’s legal system) because “the censorship would not allow the publication of information classified as top secret or that is dangerous for publication.” Gee, can you imagine? A country not allowing the publication of top secret and dangerous for publication items…who would have imagined that?

She talks of her wish to “serve” the nation: “I didn’t have the chance to change some of the things that I found it important to change during my military service, and I thought that by exposing these [materials] I would make a change.” Gee, again…here I was thinking that the purpose of national service was to SERVE the nation…not change it, not reform it into the nation you, in your incredible ignorance and arrogance, think it should be.

It is nice to see that at least one judge realizes the seriousness of what Kam did and that she must be stopped. The more I hear, the more I am convinced that she should be charged and convicted of, at least, espionage, theft and whatever else is possible and, once convicted…based on her own admissions thus far, she should be sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed by law. Kam must learn SHE does not decide for the nation of Israel. SHE was not elected, selected, or chosen in any way. The one trust we gave her, she betrayed. Now it is time for justice.

According to Haaretz:

The state has decided to prosecute Kam for the most serious crimes of espionage: passing on classified information with the intent of harming state security, charges which carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Kam faces other charges, including gathering and possessing classified materials with intent to harm state security, which carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence.

Presiding Judge Ze’ev Hammer wrote that “in order to inform the public of several aspects of IDF action in the West Bank, or to investigate war crimes in the West Bank, there is no need to gather and steal thousands of classified documents from the IDF which deal with the various military planning and action.”

“Kam admitted during her investigation that her computer is not guarded and that she did not take interest into where the Haaretz reporter Uri Blau would store the documents or who would have access to them,” Hammer added.

“She disrespected their [the document’s] safekeeping and the importance and secrecy of the information,” Hammer added.

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