Israel, The Country – on Facebook

Someone created a Facebook for Israel, the country…some humorous…some so true – this is Israel…on Facebook!

The Basics

  • Eye Color: Sunglasses
  • Height: Petite
  • Profession: Hi-tech
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Religious Views: Open to all

My Favorites

  • Favorite Color: Blue and white!
  • Favorite Car: Japanese cars…!
  • Favorite Movie: Givat Halfon eina ona (Halfon’s Hill is not answering)
  • Favorite Hobby: Planting trees and seeds of peace (at least trying to)
  • Favorite Song/Singer: HaTikva! (Hope)
  • Favorite Book/Author: The Ten Commendements
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Eilat
  • Favorite Food: Hummus
  • Favorite Animal: Dove
  • Favorite Store: Duty free at Ben Gurion airport
  • Favorite Celebrity : Theodor Hertzl
  • Favorite Childhood Friend: Harry S. Truman
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: May 14, 1948, my birth!!
  • Favorite Person In Your Life: Feel lonely sometimes
  • Favorite Facebook Application : Hug Me
  • This or That
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Baklawa
  • Big Mac or Whopper: Falafel
  • Coke or Pepsi : Prigat
  • Beer or Wine: Sabra liquor
  • Coffee or Tea: Turkish coffee
  • Apple Juice or O.J.: Tapuzina!
  • Facebook or MySpace: facebook… to make you feel good
  • Summer or Winter: This is Israel!
  • Windows or Mac: Both are jewish, aren’t they?
  • Cats or Dogs: Camels
  • Chips or Popcorn: Bamba
  • Salty or Sweet: Spicy
  • Morning or Night: 7 eleven
  • Money or Love: LOVE! and money…
  • Forgiveness or Revenge: Revenge, then forgiveness
  • House or Apartment: Bomb shelters

Do You?

  • Have Any Children: 7 million
  • Smoke: not on duty
  • Drink: not on duty
  • Exercise: Debating
  • Spend Your Life On Facebook: would like
  • Belong To Any Organizations: would like to join OPEC (Organization of Petrol Exporting Countries), but don’t have oil
  • Speak Multiple Languages: oh yeah!
  • Ice Skate: no ice here dude!
  • Swim: of course! we have to be ready to be thrown in the sea one day
  • Ski: at Mount Hermon, at least till we’ll return it to Syria Have You Ever
    Been Drunk Before Noon: only after
  • Got Caught Telling A Lie: never lie! remember the ten commendements?
  • Fantasized About A Co-Worker: looking for a partner
  • Cried During A Movie: course yes! have you ever seen an israeli movie???


  • Describe Yourself In One Word: Pretty Woman
  • Biggest Fear: fearless…
  • Biggest Mistake: being fearless…
  • #1 Priority In Your Life: Peace!!!! or survival…
  • Causes You Believe In: mine
  • Where Are You Right Now: at the right place
  • Where Would You Rather Be: here!
  • Famous Person You Want To Meet: Superman
  • Place To Visit Before You Die: I am immortal!


  1. Hilarious, thank you for sharing.

    Apparently Facebook doesn’t allow profiles of celebrities or fictional characters (basically anyone who isn’t a real person), so I’m guessing this will be taken down soon. At least we have a record here.

    Kol hakavod to whomever created it.


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