Gaza, prepare to be flattened

No, I don’t mean it. Yes, I know it sounds so full of hatred and anger and…

No, Israel will never do it.

We can – quite easily, but we won’t.

Elie is always tuned into the news, as I am but with my sons home, there seems to be less urgency and more calm in my life – and with his wedding only weeks away, I have enough details to deal with on a daily basis. Only late in the day did he ask if my phone had been beeping. I keep forgetting to keep it fully charged and sadly, Blackberrys seem to need to be plugged in every once in a while so yeah, it’s dead again.

“Color Reds,” Elie told me – a lot of them.

Even before the Sabbath had ended, I knew it was bad. First reports on the Internet weren’t much better. One report said the Iron Dome anti-missile system had knocked out 25 of 27 rockets. So, on the one hand – hey, great results; on the other, my country was hit by TWENTY-SEVEN rockets. Three people were hurt – one seriously. In Ashdod, when there was a Color Red alert, people scrambled to safety and there was a chain accident and more people were injured there as well in the panic of trying to find a safe place.

But 27 isn’t an accurate number – apparently, that was in one city. Beersheva has canceled school for tomorrow – no, not a snow day; a rocket day! And the more accurate count was not 27, but 90! Other schools have been closed. Ben Gurion University has closed for tomorrow as well.

The IDF has released (again), instructions for when there is a missile attack:

If you are indoors: Enter the room farthest from the direction of the threat (Gaza), with the smallest possible number of outside walls, windows and openings; Close the door and the windows. Stairwells are better; protected rooms or bomb shelters are best.

If you are outdoors: Enter the nearest building and act according to the instructions for persons taking shelter indoors; In an exposed area – lie on the ground face-down and cover your head with your hands.

If you are traveling: Stop by the side of the road, leave the vehicle and enter the nearest structure or cover.

If you can’t get to safety within seconds (15 seconds if you are in Sderot; 45-60 seconds if you are in Beersheva, lie on the ground face-down and cover your head with your hands.
People are being instructed not to write about hearing military aircraft flying overhead; more rockets are coming in.
There is such anger in the lies people tell. The media reports that 15 gunmen have been killed in Gaza. What gunmen? What guns did they use? These are terrorists firing at our cities. Their targets are our schools, our cities, our people. 
Israel’s air force has taken to the skies, repeatedly targeting – and hitting – military targets. A weapons depot, a rocket launching team. This is the truth of Gaza and the hypocrisy of many around the world.
This is a Hamas weapons factory targeted by the IDF. How do I know this is what it is? Yes, I believe the IDF – pinpoint strikes – if it wasn’t, we’d hear about it soon enough, wouldn’t we? Even the Gaza tweeters are confirming the number of strikes and deaths in Gaza – though what we call terrorists, they call martyrs.
No, I don’t want Israel to flatten Gaza but so long as they continue to fire rockets into Israel, I reserve my right to express my anger and blow off steam by dreaming of Israel – just once – doing what any other normal nation would do. Russia, China, England, France, Germany – even the United States…would flatten Gaza if they fired 140 rockets in 32 hours at them. Only Israel…always Israel.

Pinpoint Targeting of a Hamas Weapon Manufacturing Facility

Targeting of a Popular Resistance Committee rocket launching site at El-Atatra camp

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