Why Have Hamas/Gaza Attacked 1 Million Israelis?

Let me explain. It started Friday afternoon when, according to the Gaza propaganda machine, Israel broke the truce. What truce was that, exactly? I’m not sure, but let me tell you what we did.

We eliminated two senior members of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). Committees? What a funny word to use for a terrorist organization. The PRC was founded in September 2000, and has always strongly refused any form of negotiation or compromise with Israel. The PRC has been confirmed as a sub-contractor for Iranian elements in Lebanon and has strong ties with Hezbollah. It has often carried out terrorist attacks against Israel and Israelis in return for funds.

One of those eliminated on Friday was Zuhair Qaisi, leader of the organization. What did this man do to bring about his violent end? Well, the answer is that he lived violently, committed many crimes, and caused pain and suffering to many. How do we know he is guilty of these crimes? Well, by his own words, we know he was one of those behind the Gilad Shalit kidnapping: “Shalit’s value was clear to us,” Qaisi told Al-Hayat. “Therefore, there were clear protocols for his care and treatment while in captivity.” Two other soldiers died in that raid – and their deaths, like the five years Gilad Shalit suffered in Gaza – were on Qaisi’s head.

But even that wasn’t enough to sign his death warrant. In addition to the murders of IDF soldiers and the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, Qaisi was also responsible for the terror attack in Eilat several months ago in which 8 Israelis, mostly civilians, were killed. But even more urgent than that, and a key factor in why Israel moved when it did, was the fact that at the time of his death, Qaisi was in the final stages of planning a terror attack against Israelis to be launched from Sinai.

The second terrorist killed in Israel’s targeted attack on Friday was Mahmoud Hanani. Hanani was one of 1,027 prisoners/terrorists freed in exchange for Gilad Shalit. When they were released, they were asked to sign a commitment to not engage in terrorism with the clear understanding that if they did, their pardon would be revoked and Israel reserved the right to hunt them down. At the time of his release, he was serving two life sentences (unless he is the other Hanani from Nablus, in which case, he was “only” serving a sentence of 27 years.

In all cases, there can be not doubt that Hanani violated his agreement with Israel.

So, for taking out these two terrorists – Gaza has decided that Israel violated some imagined truce. Did we ever agree to allow terrorists free reign? I missed that agreement. And, for punishment, Hamas has opened the flood gates of rockets – firing over 140 rockets at Israel in the last 40 hours or so.

Several Palestinians and supposedly well-meaning, peace-loving humanitarians continue to point to the injury level of Israel. Apparently, Hamas is allowed to fire at Israel so long as they only succeed in hurting or killing a certain number of Israelis. Below that amount, we are, I assume, expected to sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

By comparison, the army has carefully eliminated several key military targets – a Hamas weapons dump, several rocket launching sites, a training camp, etc. During these pin-point attacks, 15 terrorists – martyrs, according to Gaza, have died. And so, according to the ill-informed, Israel is at fault and Gaza is unfairly being attacked.

Ignored in this numbers game, is the fact that one million Israelis are being attacked; that tomorrow 207,000 children will not go to school. All schools from 7 kilometers to 40 kilometers have been closed, universities and colleges as well. Thirteen people have been wounded by the rockets, including some seriously wounded, others lightly. Four Thai workers were wounded when a rocket landed close by, and another rocket hit a stable and killed a horse. I can’t help but wonder if that will make a bigger story than the other injuries.

In short, as the weekend comes to a close and Israelis go back to work tomorrow, we are once again wait for Gaza to stop firing at civilians.

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