Eilat Hit….

Two missiles have just hit Eilat – at least two others seem to have hit the Jordanian city of Aqaba, though the Jordanians are denying it at this time. Early reports said two missiles hit Eilat – and two hit Aqaba…then it was changed to three, and back to two hitting Eilat. Jordan is apparently still in denial.

No injuries though it hit in the same residential areas where my husband and I vacationed just a few months ago. Israel has closed the airport in/out of Eilat lest the next potential missile target a plane with dozens aboard.


Eilat is a special place – removed from Israel in so many ways. It is a long distance between Eilat and the center of Israel, both in physical space and in mindset. We go to Eilat to forget the pressures of every day life – to remember the beauty that God has put on this earth.

Gorgeous desert views…

Mountains to climb…

Salt water fish in colors the mind can barely grasp…

Tourist sites to entertain – some with Biblical references, like the theme park called Kings City; cruises, an ice skating mall…and so much more…

People go there to get away from it all – but today, the trouble came to them. To Eilat.

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  1. The pictures are gorgeous. I’m sorry to hear about the missiles. You heard about what happened in Boston here in the US? It seems this world is truly falling apart.

  2. I am also a soldier’s mother. My daughter served three years in a combat battalion in the IDF and is now in the reserves and lives in Jerusalem. Her unit was based just outside Eilat and she has been back to visit that beautiful city several times.

    I have my own association with Eilat; I met my fiancé there in 1971 while he was on leave. He was a navigator in the IAF and he was killed during the Yom Kippur War.

    I found out about your blog through Twitter and I am very glad to “meet” you.

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