Don’t Get Sad – Get MAD!

According to Israel National News, the IDF is saddened that Hamas is boasting that it has body parts of soldiers who died in the Gaza War. Someone has to teach the army how to correctly respond. Don’t get sad, get mad!

Fine – they want to parade body parts? If that is the only language they understand than answer in the same language. Ask them how many parts do they want Israel to produce. Really, it’s not a problem – with 1,000 prisoners waiting to be released for Gilad Shalit, I’m sure Israel can cut up a few to have the needed parts.

Disgusting right? Not something a civilized country would do, right? Well, then do something – wherever you are – right to your government, to the Red Cross, to the United Nations. If the Palestinians want to barter body parts, Israel is ready to play the game. Let civilized nations step in and condemn Hamas for this horrendous announcement; let the world stop giving aid.

Demand – the return of Gilad Shalit and all “body parts” they claim they have…or we’ll return 1,000 body parts to them – no charge. Note that Prime Minister Olmert actually showed some backbone today and told Hamas that the crossings would remain closed until a deal was made to return Gilad Shalit…and with the message of strength – Hamas is announcing a deal may be close.

Don’t get sad, get mad!

From Israel National News:

The Spokesperson’s Office of the Israel Defense Forces expressed what it called “sadness” on Sunday over a claim by Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza earlier in the day that they have body parts of an Israeli soldier killed during the Cast Lead campaign in early January. According to a statement by the office, “Hamas manipulates subjects like this while damaging values holy to all religions, including Islam.”

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