Answer with Strength – Stop Negotiating for Gilad

That’s right. Stop right now. Hamas is, once again using psychological warfare and we shouldn’t let them. According to Israel National News:

Hamas‘ second in command, Musa Abu Marzouk, said Saturday that kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit may have been killed during the bombing in Operation Cast Lead. Hamas officials made a similar claim during the course of the war.

There can be no “may have been” two weeks after the war. Hamas knows where Gilad is, and more importantly, how he is. If they want to play this game, we have to stop them.

OK, if what you say is true – there really is no reason for us to continue negotiations. We are pulling out of all discussions – about opening the crossings, about releasing 1,000 prisoners, until we receive firm and confirmed proof that Gilad is alive and well. We demand that Red Cross officials be allowed to see Gilad, talk to him, touch him. Only then, only then will we even talk to anyone from Hamas about continuing.

When, only WHEN we learn to answer in strength, will Gilad come home. It’s very simple. Let Hamas realize that this time, in their attempt to harm and torture Israel, they have merely damaged themselves. Shut down ALL talks. We have nothing to say. You, Hamas, say Gilad is dead. Until we hear otherwise, there is nothing to talk about. Let 1,000 rot in Israeli prisons, as you let Gilad rot underground for the last three years. Let the crossings stay closed to all produce. We have nothing to say.

Do this, Israel – and we will see Gilad, alive and well and home.

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  1. I am just stopping by to let you know you, your family, country & especially Gilad are all in my thoughts & prayers.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us all you do. I got goosebumps from your Poland story. You are a wonderfully talented writer. Be well. Gail

  2. Give Hamas 24 hours to return Gilad alive and unharmed or then blow up every building in Gaza.

    I have a bad feeling that Gilad is dead and has been dead for 2 years now. Hamas wants everything their way including the return of live murderers for a dead body.

    Not this time. Not again.

  3. You’re right. If you act like a nebich, you’ll just get beaten up again, and again…

  4. of course, you are right…but what can one expect from a bunch of politicians,college professors and journalists…fools all

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