do brasil said…

do brasil said…

How does it feel to live in a country hated by millions of people all over the world?
NOT because its a jewish country (as you would like to believe), but because of your country´s hatred, racism, war crimes and evil acts.
America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia…
How does it feel?

How does it feel to live in a country hated by millions of people all over the world? Well, not great but if you’ve been hated for hundreds…no, thousands…of years for all sorts of stupid reasons, you kind of accept that it isn’t going to change and you also understand the base root of the hatred.

So, if the reason millions hate us is because our country is responsible for all you claim – you wanna explain why more than 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis – before the State of Israel was re-established in 1948? You wanna take a stab at explaining the Crusades, the Pogroms, the Spanish Inquisition?

How does it feel? It feels great to live in my own country and  know, for the first time in 2,000 years, we are in control of our destiny. We know that we can protect our own. We know that if you hijack a plane and separate the Jews out, this time, the Israeli air force will fly in to save them, as they did in Entebbe.

We know that if you threaten your Jewish population, we will fly in and bring them home to Israel, as we did in Yemen and Ethiopia; we’ll challenge dictators and tyrants, as we did with the Soviet Union, to release our people and give them refuge. We know if a Jew is lost in a horrible tsunami, Israel will send a team and while the team is there, they’ll search for his body. We know if there is an earthquake in Turkey, Israel will be among the first to send in rescue teams and the Israeli team will send off a small group to dig in a building to find the Israelis.

We know that no matter where our people are – anywhere in the world, we will stand against the anti-Semitism that has lead to millions hating us, and we won’t be fooled by rhetoric into thinking the cause is anything but what it has always been.

So how does it feel to accept who you are, where you live, and what your country must do to survive? How does it feel to finally be in control of your own destiny, to be free in your own land? To raise your children in the place where they belong? How does it feel to have sons and daughters who are proud of their country and choose to defend it…and more, have the option to choose life – for the first time in 2,000 years, and the power to make that option reality? Pretty darn good. Thanks for asking.

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  1. AMEN!! Well said Paula! We Jews have nothing to be ashamed of, and much to be proud of! AM Y’ISRAEL CHAI!!!!!

  2. I found your blog recently and really enjoy learning about what life is like in Israel from an Israeli perspective. Growing up, I learned of the troubles Palestinians lived through in the “occupied” lands of Israel; however, as an adult I have come to understand the importance of Israel as a sovereign nation state. I have learned about the invented history of the “Palestinian” Arabs, and all the lies spread and financed by their Arab/Muslim bretheren. Today, my political perspective has changed completely because the propaganda learned has been replaced by the truth. Your writing is beautiful and your strength as a woman, mother, friend gives me hope. I wish people the world over will be free from Muslim lies, and totally see who the true terrorists are. As you mention in your response to do brasil, no Arab nation comes can compare, or even come close to a comparison, with the innovative mind of Israelis. I know these people are spreading their hatred for Israel all over the world, they have entrenched themselves in most countries in Latin America (which were free from the Islamic virus until recently). If this person is from Brazil, s/he should worry about fixing that nation’s internal strife and inequalities before pointing the finger to Israel. Thank you for publishing your blog.

  3. Prayers and wishes to the good health and safety of your boys, family, and home.

  4. Mercy7000:

    Så my country has to be perfect for me to criticize other countries?!
    If I say Israel, the state, is guilty of evil actions, does it mean I say Brazil is perfect?
    Oh no, bad things happen in Brazil, many bad things.

    But this blog is written by an israeli soldiers mother isn´t it?

    Would be kinda weird posting comments about Brazils in this blog I think. Real weird actually.

  5. Mercy 7000:

    “The islamic virus”?!!

    What about the black virus? The jewish virus? The christian virus”?

    Hm…let me think… the human virus?!!!

  6. In what way is Israel hated across the world? They are the friends of the USA, Australia, Canada, the EU, my country – the UK – and most others. The West condemns the Arab states not Israel. What a ridiculous question and what a wonderful answer by you!

  7. Wonderful response. I am a Christian that loves and stands with Israel. It is inexplicable to me the hatred some feel, and everything you write is so true. Stand tall and proud for Israeli’s have everything to be proud of. G-d is watching.

  8. I stand with you against the hatred. I am a mother too and i pray for the safety of your sons and all of Israel. God Bless You all. God Bless Israel, and God Bless America.

  9. Great answer to a hateful and ridiculouse question. I’m a Christian who believes that the Jews are and always will be the chosen people of G_d. I also support the state of Israel; its’ right to exist, to defend itself, and to act boldly in assisting and saving Jews everywhere. I pray your children serving in the IDF will be blessed and protected. I thank them for their service to Israel and the world!

  10. I too am a soldier’s mother – my third chayal boded. And so I say Amen to your answer, very well written.
    I am not there yet, in our country, but 3 of my sons are, as well as my first sabra grandson. I’h we will be joining them in the very near future.
    Kol hakavod to you!

  11. Brasil, the world over does not hate Israel, only the muslims do. Think before you talk. They can hate Israel for all they want, fight them but one thing is sure, Israel can never, I repeat, can never be wiped off the face of this earth as long as God is God. It will not happen.

  12. Mordecai Ben Natan // January 27, 2012 at 11:11 am // Reply

    Why does the world hate Israel and the Jews?
    Thanks to the Muslims spreading lies, and the Christian world accepting these lies.

    Thank G-D that there are millions of Christians who know the truth, and support Israel and are fight anti Semitism.
    But there are many churches which spread Jew hatred.
    They still preach that the Jews killed Jesus. But Jews never crucified anyone. It was the Romans who spread the story that Jews killed Jesus.

    In any case, Jesus was born and died a Jew, So anyone who calles him/herself a Christian and hates Jews, hates Jesus.

    Israel was the land given to the Jews by G-D. The Muslims are trying to destroy G-D’s wishes.

    Churchill, in his wisdom, divided the land that G-D gave the Jews, and created Jordan, Syria and others.

    The total land is Jewish. The Muslims are occupying Jewish land Time for them to get off G-D’s land.
    The Muslim propaganda is brilliant. They tell the world that the Jews are occupying their land. Whereas in fact, it is the Muslims who are occupying the Jewish land.

    When the world wakes up to the Mulsim lies, and spread of hatred of Jews and Christians, then there will be peace.
    Yes, I have children living in Jerusalem. They love their country,and would never want to live anywhere else.

    May G-D Bless Israel and all the Jews.
    May G-D bless all our true Christian friends who support us, and do not bow to the Muslim lies.

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