Lolo Said

Lolo said…

You are such a coward! Why don´t you publish all comments?
Why are you so scared?
Hahaaha its so obvious that you don´t have any answers!
Your country, Israel, is EVIL.
And Israel is so small and tiny, that when the rest of the world decides to, you will be forced to behave human.

Hi Lolo. Thanks for leaving your name. It’s a lot more fun to answer someone by name than have to score another Anonymous. I’ve answered why I don’t publish all comments in my previous post. See The Thing About Comments.

I agree with basically one thing in what you wrote – Israel is so small and so tiny. I wonder, then, why you spend so much time and energy hating it so much. We are evil? Really…that’s fascinating. Not Sudan, not Iran. Not Iraq or the Taliban. But Israel. We are evil? And what great evil did we do? Ah yes, details, details.

You will force us to “behave human”? Would that mean doing something like – oh, I don’t know – sending help to Haiti’s earthquake victims, saving Palestinian children who are ill and need operations? Would that mean sending doctors around the world to do heart surgery, eye surgery, and more?

How about these amazing inventions – all from Israel…the country you think is evil?

This is a 5 minute search on amazing things Israel has contributed to the world – can you match it with any other country in the world? Your country? Certainly not any of the Arab countries I know of…and WE are the ones not contributing? Tiny little Israel?

It’s obvious I don’t have answers? Gee, I guess I missed the question because I believe I have spent the last four years answering so much about Israel and what we do here, how we live, and why, despite the terror attacks and the endless rocket attacks – we still try to search for peace.

But no matter – there are those who are so blinded by hatred they will never see the tremendous things Israel does. Feel free to comment again, Lolo – but this time, please do your research and offer some concrete examples of how you came to the absurd and erroneous concept that it is Israel that is the evil one.

As I said, tiny and small we may be – but we have given to the world well out of all proportion to our size.

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