Boycott Israel…Please

Yes, for those who want to boycott Israel – now you’ve got a brave and wonderful opportunity. And the cost…well, you’ll just have to put up with a slower computer. As Techcrunch writes, this software “monitors your PC to find the things that are likely most annoying to users. For example, it tracks down printing problems, crashy apps, resource hogs — all the good stuff.”

Oh well, I’m sure it’s a small price to pay for your beliefs.

Soluto has developed software that monitors your PC for things that are likely to annoy users — printing problems, crashy apps, resource hogs, and those frustrating applications that randomly cause your mouse to become useless for a few seconds at a time. It records which applications were running at the time of the hiccup, and analyzes low-level events to track things users aren’t even aware of, like which applications are competing for memory.

Even better: if a user somewhere in the world consistently has issues with a certain application and then makes a change that fixes it, Soluto can then tell other users who have had the same problem about the fix.

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