A Comment from an Anonymous Mother…

And a response from a real one:

Anonymous wrote:

you have a childs…how do you feel if your innocent kids died by PHOSPHORUS bomb while they are studying in school? how do you feel if your land being took away from the imigrant? how do you feel if you see your cute baby being shot at the head in front of you? i don;t understand..why your ISRAEL can act WORST than ANIMAL. as a mother..i’m so sad..because you dont have what we call LOVE. you let your kids being a kids killer…take innocent people life! property! happiness! all those thing doesn’t mean anything to you. Oneday GOD will punish your people with soemthing that you never see…heard..or felt before.

There are none so brave as those who are anonymous…but I’ll answer this time anyway.

I am going to assume, despite your not having the courage to post your name, that you are a legitimate, caring mother, and will afford you the respect I hope you deserve, by answering your comment honestly.

1. You ask a question – a huge part of me would die if, God forbid, any of my children died. For the last three years, this question has been at the front of my heart and mind. Sometimes, I succeed in pushing it a bit to the back. Sometimes, it comes up and chokes me. It is a question every soldier’s mother asks…but you don’t make much of a political statement if you leave it so general and so you ask about a “phosphorus bomb while they are studying in school” – well, see, you are trying to ask a question and imply that this happened.

Of course, Israel didn’t use phosphorus bombs during the Gaza war…and of course, what kind of stupid parents send kids to an unprotected school during a war. You have to wonder, don’t you? I mean…our homes are built with secure/sheltered rooms, our schools not allowed to open if there is not a shelter. What idiot parent would send a child in the middle of a war to school? Aside from the fact, of course, that we did our best to avoid schools…except those being used as launching grounds for rockets and, according to my personal Rules of War…if you use a mosque, a school, a hospital from which to launch rockets, don’t cry when the country against which you sent that rocket…shoots at the source!

2. You ask how I would feel if “your land being took away from the immigrant”? Who is the immigrant here? Certainly not the Jews – do you know history at all? Even a little? This has been our land for thousands of years and always will be. We were the ones who were prepared to share our land with “immigrants” in 1948 when we agreed to the UN plan to divide it. There have always been Jews in this land. Until the Arabs learn to deal with this fact…there will be war…usually wars the Arabs themselves start – as in 1948, 1956, 1973, etc. etc.

3. About seeing “your cute baby being shot at the head in front of you”? I’m really beginning to rethink my earlier comment about your being a mother who simply wants answers, but I’ll continue. This one I can answer easily – not, thankfully, because I have seen this, but because I know mothers who have – or at least I know of mothers. There was the mother of Shalhevet Pass – a beautiful 8 month old baby who was shot by an Arab sniper…and her mother watched her die; there was Yehuda, who was only 5 months old, who was hit in the head and died. Do you have a name for this imagined baby of yours or do you simply put more propaganda into this debate. Then there were the four Hatuel girls – not much more than babies when Arab gunmen shot them point-blank in the head and murdered them. Of course, they didn’t do it in front of their mother. The evidence suggests that first they murdered Tali Hatuel – who was 8 months pregnant, before they then murdered her daughters. Is it worse to kill a child in front of its mother…or a mother in front of her children. No Israeli has ever intentionally shot a baby in the head.

4. You write “why your ISRAEL can act worst than ANIMAL”? Funny, I was thinking that animal word described the action of those so-called peace activists on the ship perfectly – as they swarmed around the soldiers like animals swarm around food. As they beat them, stabbed them in the back, cracked their skulls and threw one over the railing to fall 30 feet below.

5. “You let your kids being a kids killer” – No, this too is the hysterical ranting of an ignorant person. My sons are soldiers in the army of Israel, the most moral army in the world. My sons – collectively the soldiers of Israel, risk their lives to avoid injury. For example…they waited FORTY minutes…40 minutes…before they opened fire on the “peace activists” who were beating them, stabbing at them with knives, hitting them with metal clubs. Forty minutes because they wanted to avoid the very pictures and images and actions the protesters on the flotilla wanted so very much.

Finally, you write that God will punish my people…do you now presume to know the will and mind of God? Interesting that you believe you can speak in His name. That, perhaps, is the greatest danger of all facing Israel – the religious fanatics who believe they act in the name of God and in His name, are violent and evil.

Yes, I have children and I am so proud of them. Proud that they live in a country that was prepared to deliver humanitarian aid to our enemies and proud that despite the pre-planned, violent animal-like behavior of those extremists on the flotilla, we stayed true to our ideals.

That, Ms Anonymous, is Israel!


  1. Excellent reply Paula.

    I have not been to Israel (I am from India) but one thing I know from God’s word – the Bible, that Israel will always emerge victorious before God is with Israel.

    From Bible study classes, this conflict is an old one – started between Isaac and Ishmael and being a Christian, I know which one will win. Praise God. Amen

    Your posts are excellent. God bless you and your family.

  2. As the father of a soon to be soldier, and for giving a voice to my thoughts and my conscience, all I can do is say thank you.

  3. Paula,

    As a father of two currently serving soldiers and one miluimnik and the father in law of another miluimnik, I simply want to thank you for expressing so eloquently what every IDF parent feels.

  4. How about getting into Hasbara for Israel? At a time where the country so badly needs it, you have the facts, the credentials, the conviction, the English – you’d be perfect for it!

  5. Your response to the anonymous mother was amazing. It also brings light to the rest of us. As for the anonymous mother- so sad that she would be brainwashed into such thinking…

    May Israel be forever blessed.

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