America has spoken…

It appears, though early in the actual vote counting process, that America has spoken. Already, Obama has been given and is claiming his victory. America will get the government and the leaders it elected and cannot now cry over the results that will come in the next four years. Some of us can and do regret the results, but we will live with them, no weaker than we were yesterday, no less aware of what this so-called victory will mean for Israel and for the US.

From this side of the ocean, I have a few comments –

  • First – the incredible and close relationship between the people of the United States and the people of Israel will not change. It is a bond forged over not only decades of communication and trust, but also mutual exchange and assistance. No, this is not about the US giving and Israel taking. That is the relationship the US has with most of the Arab world, certainly with the Palestinians. You do not share a culture with them; a sense of humanitarian growth and respect. You will likely find yourself guarding your country more in the next four years than in the past because Obama has sent a clear message to the terrorists – a message of weakness, confusion. He is the child worshiping from afar. From outside the window of Islam, he looks in and sees only the glory he perceives while ignoring much of the ugliness that also stains a culture built on death and martyrdom. We, Israel and the United States, are the ones who rush into natural disasters to save lives; we are the ones who look to tomorrow with hope and the change we wanted didn’t come about but that will not defeat us.
  • Second – the relationship between the military of the US and the military of Israel will remain close, strong, united in a common goal – to protect our lands, our people, our freedom. We fully expect the US military to continue to use Israeli resources, take advantage of training we offer here in counter-terrorism, and more. We will continue to share our abundant intelligence resources and knowledge as we have so often in the past. The day may come when the Iron Dome we invented and developed, will be shared with the US to protect it from missiles. Yes, Israel receives much aid from the United States and we hope that will continue to the mutual benefit of both countries. Obama said he had Israel’s back – what he failed to point out is that it is mutual, and we have yours.
  • Third – the truth of what Obama is will now be unleashed on the US. I believe that. What he did for the Marines and diplomats in Libya may come out, it may not but I have little doubt it will be repeated in other places and in other ways. He is not a leader of action, but of words. His words alone will not defend US diplomats and travelers around the world.
  • Fourth – ultimately today, as yesterday and tomorrow, the world is not ruled by Barack Hussein Obama. This is the day that God created – this dawn that has just come to Israel in the last hour or two and the dawn that will come to America in another 5 or 6 hours and beyond. Our future was never dependent on Obama – not for security, not for financial support. Yesterday, our sons defended Israel, flew the skies over our lands. Today, they will do the same…and tomorrow as well. 
Israel’s message to the American people, in my opinion, is very clear – we have always been friends – recognized within minutes by Harry S. Truman and almost every US president since. We stand by you today as we did yesterday and as we will tomorrow and trust and believe you stand beside us and behind us as well. 
Israel’s message to the American government, in my opinion, is very clear –  you have made your position known to us. We will not grovel before you, though we are ready to meet you as partners. Do not tell us what to do – do not believe for a moment that we are dumb enough to believe your words when your actions speak louder. Treat us with the respect we have earned as your only friend in the Middle East, or accept that we will not risk our security for your absurd dreams of an enforced peace that will only serve to weaken us.
Again, for those in the US who are concerned and have already written to me – Israel is as safe today as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow. Our future is in the hands of God, our government, our sons and daughters. 
If we need to attack Iran, we will – and Obama, you can hear about it on CNN.
Obama, you made your disdain for Israel very clear, even if the majority of Jews in America chose to ignore it. We see you for what you are, though they do not. 
Feel free not to visit here during your second term as you didn’t during your first. Feel free to continue to ignore the incredible knowledge we have sadly acquired in the fields of counter-terrorism and military intelligence – that too is to our credit and to your loss.
To the US people – we stand beside you, behind you – no matter who your leader is or will be.
To the US government – if all you have to say to us is how you envision our security and what concessions you want us to make, give us a call in four more years.  

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  1. It is not over yet. Although Obama has been proclaimed the winner, 5 states will be in automatic recount and there are many lawyers standing by.

    We might not get a result until December (Again!)! Keep your fingers crossed and pray. Think Bush v. Gore.

  2. I appreciate you trying to say that the U.S.’s relationship with Israel will remain strong, and I wish it were true, but David Horowitz, who wrote a great pamphlet, “Obama and the War Against the Jews” ( ), would disagree with you. In this pamphlet, he enumerates how Obama has systematically undermined not only our relationship with Israel, but the Jewish state itself. With Obama’s reelection, Israel is utterly on its own and can not count on the U.S. doing anything in its defense. And I think Netanyahu knows this. It’s a sad day for the U.S. and Israel.

  3. Thank you for your words of recognition of our failing government. We remain shocked at this outcome and are dumbfounded as how this Islamic man became President a second time! Israel is a cherished place in the hearts of most Americans. We, the faithful, clearly understand if Israel is harmed, life will cease to exist. So many of us are in disbelief, but recognize Me. Obama is a flawed human who heart is black and full of hate. We, with God’s help may prevail and perhaps we, as mother’s, as women may reach across the ocean’s divide and embrace in strength for the year’s we have left on earth!

  4. My hearts breaks to see what has become of America–a nation of envious, egocentric fools. My apologies to all of you in Israel, our once closest ally in the world. I fear we never be able to ever restore our relationship. Under another four years of Obama, we will become a weak irrelevant nation…if it is even that benign. God help us.
    Remember, remember the 6th of November,
    The day that America died.

    We fought tooth and nail,
    But could not prevail

    Against a man who has constantly lied.


  5. While I agree with you, Paula, I don’t think this is the end of the United States. We have a President who has a Congress which is sharply against him. I expect 4 more years of political gridlock and finger pointing. As we Americans have heard for the past 4 years, “it’s all George Bush’s fault”.

    Unless something radical happens — like an invasion of Israel — you can expect Obama to keep snubbing the Israeli PM because he’s conservative. You can expect Obama to applaud the Arab Spring, and you can expect Obama to sing the praises of all of the “oh-so-progressive” Muslims in the M.E.

    I don’t really expect Obama to declare the US is now a socialist, anti-Semitic nation (although he might want to!) because he doesn’t control the Congress…

  6. And remember – it’s not the end of the world as we know it… Well, maybe it’s not…
    Americans have simply demonstrated that the original ideal upon which this country was founded, is no longer all that important.
    The original settlers to America were Christians fleeing a European Christianity where one’s relationship to G-d was defined by the Church or the State.
    The United States was founded upon the ideal that each individual citizen had their own personal relationship with G-d.
    Apparently, a majority of Americans no longer believe this…
    It would seem that a majority of Americans believe that Submission to the State is a higher form of worship… Hmmm…. Submission – that might be a clever name for this new religion…

  7. I totally agree. America has made a bad choice. So sad for Israel. Can I post a link to this for my friends on Facebook because they are all against what has happened and what has been done to Israel.

  8. Hi Christina – sure, feel free to post a link.

    Prophet Joe – I agree with pretty much everything you said. I don’t think this is the end but I think it is very much the start of four very unproductive, divisive years…which is why I ended the article as I did – let the American gov’t call Israel in four years – I expect nothing from Obama, especially given his lame duck position for which he need answer to no one.

    I’m disappointed in the election results but I firmly believe that a nation deserves the government it elects. It is hard for me to believe that America chose Obama. You would think after four failed years…

    Well, anyway – I’ve said my peace. My most important message, I think, was not to Obama or about Obama – he is nothing to me. It is about America, the land where I was born, and Israel, the land where I have chosen to live. I believe in the strength of the relationship between these two nations. I believe we – Israelis and Americans – will survive the next four years of Obama and his policies.

  9. My heart is broken. I’ve wept, mourned, and am still grieving today. I feel like a death of someone very dear has happened. We worked so very hard for a different result. No matter where the President stands, we will always stand with Israel. We will always stand for Truth. Right now I am a battle-weary soldier and need some R&R. But I still have hope for my country. Israel was reborn…that gives me hope to return to the fight for freedom and righteousness.

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