If This Were MY Child….

I don’t know what I would do other than be deeply ashamed. Certainly, these children are further examples of the manipulation of their society; mere objects to be videotaped as they play their role.

I am proud of our soldiers in this video – deeply proud that they were able to smile. I loved their smiles; I loved their laughing. These children represent so much of what is wrong with Palestinians society.

  • So-called adults using their children, hiding behind them.
  • The inability to talk – rather to shout and scream.
  • The antagonism – blind hatred in the face of nothing. These soldiers are just standing there…throughout.
  • Hostility and violence – the only time the soldiers come close to reacting is when the children come close to their guns. They take their ranting, screaming, hysterics. They even take being pushed around a bit.
And through it all, they realize that this is a show put on for the cameras. Obviously, the IDF felt as I did – they posted this video – first put on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/sam4palestine?feature=watch) to show, as I do – the arrogance, the hatred, the violence…
The original posters were able to remove it (as I assume they will remove it from my blog, if they find it here). So, if below, you see a message that the video has been removed, rather than the video, please use the link in the previous paragraph. Look at the children…
I think they are close to my youngest daughter’s age. My daughter is all that is grace. Gentle, sweet, loving, kind. Even in anger, she would never approach another and scream as these young girls do. The girl in the video is being raised in a different culture – one in which her father would kill her…literally…if she were to “flirt” with a boy or even be seen talking to one – and yet look how close she moves to the soldiers. And amazingly enough, the Arabs are so proud of this behavior, they flaunt it, they post it, they share it. If this were my child, I would be so deeply ashamed.
But these children are being raised in hatred and hatred is what they will know. And the soldiers – they smile because they realize the absurdity of it all. They remain, always, in control – enough not to get angry at the provocation, at the abuse of children that is in the nature of using children to fight your battles.
If this were my child….but of course, it could never be. I have done my best to raise them in honor, in respect, in life, in love. These soldiers will finish their week and go home to their families, to their mothers. They might even show them the YouTube videos that have made them “famous.” And, if they were mine, I would kiss the tops of their heads and tell them, “you did good.” And I would bake them brownies and send them back to the army next week and tell them to be careful…even from little girls.
Today, in the midst of a screaming Arab mob throwing rocks…an Arab stabbed a soldier; a bomb went off near Gaza, wounding three soldiers. The most precious response these soldiers could give these children was the smile and laughter of a nation that does not fear.

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  1. Maybe the military should get a bunch of bags of candy and these boys hand them out to the children. A lollipop can soften harsh words.

  2. These guys have resolve. Here in America we would have forced those girls to pick up their bloody teeth from the ground

  3. Findalis..Lollipops and candies..how naive of you..those kids are endoctrinated from birth and exploited and manipulated by their “leadership” They are even often instigated even paid by the press to create violent events hoping for blood..to be able to accuse Israel with.

  4. Michael Dar…Actually lollipop and candies have been used and are being used by members of the IDF. They are paid for by the officers and soldiers themselves and do help.

    What could the “press” sorry Propaganda agents do if the “incident” they wanted turned into a scene of Trick and Treat?

  5. Try to see the bigger picture. Our Hebrew culture is so overwhelmingly strong and influential that the Palestinians now dress their pre-pubescent girls in tight pants and spaghetti tops. They look like schoolgirls in Be’er Sheva.

    the challenge before us is to do what the Anglo settlers in North America did to solve their “American Indian” problem…. arrange for the enemy to become one of us.

    the first step is to mandate that NO services or benefits or human-rights will be delivered to them in Arabic. We can’t Judaize them – but given the behavior of American Jews, would that actually help?

    What we can do is Hebraize them.
    they won’t like it, but we must have more willpower than they. WE, not they, are the Alpha culture. One doesn’t see schoolgirls in Be’er Sheva walking copying “traditional Palestinian” clothing. WE are the Alpha culture. Grab that ball and run with it.

    In two generations, they will consider Arabic to be a museum peice, just like American Jews consider Zionism to be a museum.

    Example: Batya’s Rami Levy store must be required by law to print all labels & forms in Hebrew & English only. The Jordanian customers can learn to read Englis

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