A Message to the British Advertising Standards from the Muqata

Got this from Jameel at the Muqata – as happens almost all the time (okay, I can’t think when not), Jameel speaks for so many of us:

Attention: British Advertising Standards Authority


I would like to lodge an official complaint regarding misleading travel advertising in the United Kingdom.

On the official website for Britain’s national tourism agency, “Visit Britain” (http://www.visitbritain.org), there is a listing under the title of “Visit Britain” for the “Northern Ireland Travel Guide.”


I find it somewhat misleading to imply that Northern Ireland is part of Britain, when the status of the occupied territory of Northern Ireland is the subject of much international dispute.

Might I suggest that the travel website “Visit Britain” should be renamed, “Visit British Isles”? Or perhaps it should be made explicitly clear that while England claims that Northern Ireland is part of “Britain”, the self-determination of Northern Ireland disputes that claim.

I find the “Visit Britain” website mildly offensive, especially in light of your complaint lodged against Israel’s inclusion of their capital city, Jerusalem, in a travel advert.


I therefore request that you kindly find the VisitBritain website in breach of truthfulness guidelines, consistent with that earlier ruling.


Jameel Rashid

CC: British Foreign Office,
MK Danny Ayalon, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Independent,
Yediot Achronot,
Jerusalem Post

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