בזק בינלאומי – Bezek Beinleumi Charging for Services Not Rendered

So, the lesson to learn is that you need to check your bills regularly. Yeah, I knew that, but who has time…

So, thanks to our wonderful accountants, we’ve just been informed that בזק בינלאומי has regularly been taking money from our account at a much increased rate than we agreed. So, we called them up and Tamar answered the phone. We signed for a one year contract…apparently, they felt free to extend it, cancel the discount, and raise the price.

We asked why they were billing us, why we have not received any invoices, why the rate is so high. Apparently, according to בזק בינלאומי (Bezek Beinleumi) we are supposed to know that we are being billed for services we aren’t receiving against invoices we aren’t receiving.

From there, it just gets more and more amusing. First, we spoke to Tamar…who screamed her lungs enough that apparently, according to someone else, she needed to faint and so they called an ambulance for her and then put someone else on the line.

The second person told us that they could not send us invoices dating back to 2011 for about 45 minutes until she agreed and so she sent it. Then, she said she couldn’t send it because the network is down…בזק בינלאומי ‘s network is down. Amazing…and two hours later, it is still down.

As for the real paper invoices. They claim they were mailed each month…and yet we never received on. They were sending the invoices to the wrong address – a place we haven’t lived in five years and yet they maintain that not one of those invoices was ever returned to them. Strange…we moved our offices 7 months ago and in the last month, 6 things were returned to other companies until we realized and extended it.

What bothers me is the ease with which they feel they can raise prices. What bothers me is the fact that they never made an attempt to do any more than collect money and didn’t care what kind of service they were giving for it – in this case, no service at all.

We’ve canceled the contracts we had with בזק בינלאומי  and even if they offered me a better deal in the future, I wouldn’t take them. I don’t deal with dishonest companies and taking money for services not rendered is wrong.

Yes, we should have noticed – but so should they…don’t they have records to show how much bandwidth is being used? If the line is constantly at zero, shouldn’t they investigate. I guess if all the company cares about is money, why bother.

So, now we are on hold, waiting for a manager…no, I have little hope that they will agree to shoulder some of the responsibility – for sending invoices to nowhere. Yes, we should have checked each line of the bill and recognizing the company name isn’t enough, I now realize, to know you aren’t being cheated.

We agreed to a one year plan – nice of them to extend it without speaking to us (though they claim they tried); nice of them to regularly up their prices for services that weren’t being used.

So check your bills and if you are unfortunate enough to be working with בזק בינלאומי check it regularly because without telling you, they’ll feel free to up the prices…


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