Yes, I Can…for Gilad Shalit

Barack Obama ran for president on the slogan, “Yes, I Can.” I personally didn’t support him and don’t really understand these one syllable concepts, but I’m willing to borrow it for now.

There is something you can do – right now…for Gilad Shalit. We can’t swing nations to care. We can’t get the Israeli government to do all in its power (see below on that one), but what you can do…right now – is open a prayer book or Bible and say Psalm 142. (Click here for Psalm 142 in Hebrew and English).

My idea to return Gilad Shalit:

Very simple. Gilad Shalit is our son, our child. He belongs with Israel, with his family. We must do all we can to save our child, our children. If you have extra to give, Judaism instructs you to give charity. But if you have but one piece of bread, there is no commandment to give charity and let your family starve. First, you see to your own and you pray that you have enough to give others afterwards.

Israel is a central location for all manner of medical care. We have operated on thousands of Palestinian children to save their lives or better the quality of those lives. We have operated on children (and adults) from Egypt, Jordan, even Iraq and Iran.

Our own child is suffering. We have no obligation to help others until we first see to our own. Our government should send the following note to all Arab leaders:

Dear Arab leader,

For many years, quietly and without credit (and often without payment) we have treated your young. Our doctors and nurses have worked tirelessly to help, to save, to improve. We did this because it was the right thing to do, the human and humane thing to do.

With great regret, until our son is returned home, healthy and sound, we will no longer be able to take care of your children…until you return our child to us. When Gilad Shalit comes home…we will once again open our hospitals to care for your children. Until then, we recommend you find another country willing to care (often for free), willing to give the highest quality health care, with top equipment and caring doctors and nurses.

Send Gilad home and your children…and ours won’t suffer.

Now, all we need is an Israeli leader brave enough to send this message.

For now, what you can do, until that brave leader steps forward, is say a prayer for Gilad.

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