Wounded Gazans…Treated by Israelis

There are stories that boggle the mind; that both amaze me and, in a way, give me pride. We are at war. Our civilians and soldiers are being wounded every day. We did not start this war. It was started with each rocket and mortar fired at Israeli citizens. One million of our people live in a war zone. And yet, we will not forget out humanity in the midst of this terrible war. Our humanity is there – in the targets we work hard to hit; the civilian population centers we work hard to avoid. No such efforts exist on the Arab side. It is our civilian population centers that they target!

And here, in the midst of dealing with our own wounded, Israel has opened its hospitals to bring in wounded Gazans. I don’t know many other nations that do this but this is yet another aspect of our country.

Starting Saturday, injured Palestinians from Gaza will be transferred to Israeli hospitals, based on their medical condition, according to an agreement between Israel and the Red Cross. Pursuant to the agreement, Israel’s Ministry of Health announced it would open a temporary Magen David Adom station at the Erez crossing for Gaza patients. It would include pediatricians, gynecologists, GPs and trauma doctors.

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