With Love from Lithuania?

A message was delivered to Israel’s dock workers today, on the eve of Holocaust Rememberance Day – or perhaps, it was a message to all of Israel. Someone in Lithuania painted swastikas, tanks and a long-nosed figure on a delivery of wood boards.

Workers were shocked; the company in Lithuania apologized and promises to reimburse the Israeli company for the damaged goods. That is probably the end of the story, except for the deep feeling of pain and anger that burns deep in the pit of my stomach. This was no accidental damaging that occurred during shipping. This was an intentional message of hatred – signed, sealed and delivered.

Got you, loud and clear. Lest you think I will fall into despair over yet another act of anti-Semitism eminating out of Europe, and Lithuania in particular, let me assure you that on a day such as this, I could not be happier to live in my land, in the proud, Jewish state of Israel.


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