Wisdom that Comes from the Young…

Elie said something to me the other day and the meaning of his words are only hitting me now. As a woman, I am very sensitive to comparing rape to…well, virtually anything. I know some women who have been raped and I have seen the long term effects it has had on their lives.

Rape is something I can’t imagine – the feel of it, the terror involved, the lasting need to understand how one human could violate the essence of a person with complete disregard.

I am also very hesitant to sanction anyone using the Holocaust as a comparison to…well, virtually anything. It cheapens, lessens, damages.

And yet, Elie said something the other day that continues to reverberate in my head. He, like most of us here in Israel, are trying to understand the logic of Israel agreeing to release murderers and terrorists in exchange for…well…best we can figure it…the honor of having the Palestinians walk into the same room as us.

The idea that releasing terrorists to promote peace is absurd…but perhaps Elie said it best of all with this comparison, “releasing terrorists convicted of murder in order to bring peace is equivalent to releasing rapists to promote gender equality.”

No, he wasn’t denigrating the damage that rape does; he wasn’t cheapening it. The idea of releasing rapists to promote gender equality would have men and women around the world screaming at the stupidity, the absurdity. A rapist who uses and abuses a woman in this way has nothing to do with gender equality; the idea of releasing the epitome of death and war has nothing to do with promoting peace.

Three years ago, young Tamar Fogel went out on a Friday night to meet with her friends. She was a typical 12 year old…until that night. When she returned home, she found that Palestinian terrorists had murdered her mother and father, stabbed her 3 year old brother in the heart, killed her 10 year old brother as well. And, in a crime that defies every ounce of humanity, they had slit the throat of her three month old baby sister.

All this Tamar saw; all this she has lived with. Three years ago, trying to be brave, she explained to people that now she had to be a mother to her two surviving younger brothers.

This week, she stood outside the Prime Minister’s house and protested the latest release of terrorists and killers. It is a strange world indeed, when stupidity comes from our leaders and wisdom comes from our children.

Releasing terrorists in the name of peace is as horrific, as incomprehensible, as absolutely moronic…as releasing rapists to promote gender equality.

How sad; how true…

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  1. Jewish blood is cheap!

    The Arabs practice the death penalty for good reason. They’re a violent culture and this is the only means of restraint they have on their violent impulses.

    I don’t want compare Jews to the Arabs; but any one who says in effect the murderers of Jews deserve freedom says in effect Jews are subhuman.

    This is exactly what the Israeli government is saying and releasing murderers from prison is not an act of reconciliation; the pointed message is justice doesn’t matter and its not a value worth upholding!

    No other country on earth would ever release murderers from prison! And here is the difference between the Nazis and the imbecilic morons who run the State Of Israel: the Nazis never pretended murdering Jews was for their good; Israel’s leaders seem to say in effect the murder of Jews was for their own good!

    It takes awhile for that kind of logic or the lack of it to sink in and for people to see why this will never lead to peace.

  2. The thought of those vile beasts being set free is incomprehensible. It is nothing short of outrageous. There is no answer as to why this is being done. No answer that would satisfy any of the victims, or those that feel their pain. Jan

  3. There are only 2 possible reasons why I could find sanity in releasing these terrorist murderers:

    1) by doing civil, honest and compassionate acts, perhaps (and history has not shown this to be true) they will change the hearts of future generations… again, I know that history doesn’t indicate this will work with the Palestinians.

    2) they have implanted some method of tracking (a small device or a chemical marker, perhaps) these killers, so that when they return to their clandestine lairs, the Israelis can wipe them out.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think either is the case… Happy New Year to you and your family, Paula.

  4. I agree this is an appropriate analogy. It is also worth mentioning that at least one of the released prisoners was, in fact, a rapist: according to the UK Independent the prisoner Ahmed Mahmed Jameel Shahada “was sentenced to a 47 year term in 1989 for the rape and murder of a 13 year-old Israeli boy.”

    Horrifying beyond words.

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