Will the Truth Set Us Free

It was a terrible incident, a tragedy. A mother and four of her children killed. Immediately, the Palestinians condemned Israel and said it was caused by the IDF’s shelling. No word about the terrorists who were the intended target. Nothing of the rockets they fire at our cities.

The truth is too horrible to imagine – almost an entire family wiped out while they sat at the breakfast table…only the truth isn’t what the Palestinians claim.

Will the truth set us free? No, probably not – because this family meant nothing to the Palestinian leadership beyond the propaganda – and the truth…is that they were killed – BY THE PALESTINIANS THEMSELVES.

The truth may not set THEM free, but it should be known just the same.

Army says terrorist bomb killed Gaza family: The death of five members of the Abu Meatak family in the Gaza Strip earlier Monday was caused after an explosive device carried by terrorists blew up, the IDF said.
Four Palestinian children and their mother were killed after the army targeted terrorists in the area. The IDF strike left a total of seven Palestinians dead.

Barak: Hamas responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza / Hanan Greenberg

Defense minister says that by operating from within civilian areas, Hamas effectively contributes to high number of civilian casualties in Gaza

The army’s investigation into the incident concluded that two Palestinian terrorists were attacked and hit from the air, causing the bomb they were carrying to explode and destroying the Abu Meatak family home. The house was hit while the family was at the breakfast table.

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