Why You Shouldn’t Try Talking to Idiots

The insinuation that I don’t agree with Israels [sic] existence… you don’t wánt to understand me, you just want to put me down.”

No, really, Mr. Man from Holland, I really spent hours today trying to talk to you. But that was dumb, wasn’t it? You say you don’t hate Israel. Some might think progress had been made, no?

No…not even that. Quickly came the response: “I hate the Israel govt and the way in which Israel misbehaves towards its neigbours and own people.”

Somewhere in the discussion that followed, I made the mistake of mentioning little 3-month-old baby, Hadass Fogel, who was murdered by Palestinians. Palestinians who were tracked immediately from the scene and hunted in the days that followed. Palestinians who slit her throat and left her there with the brothers and parents who they had murdered already. What did Mr. Holland have to say about that?

A gruesome act. But most probably carried out by an immigrant worker, not by Palestinians,” writes the man from Holland. That was one of the initial lies spread by MAAN News, the Palestinians “news” source (thanks to Reuters for teaching me when to use quotes properly).

And in that reference, I realized I had reached the end of any conversation I could have with this man. We were no longer talking about an ignorant man. This is, rather, a man of hatred and blindness and worse. The barbarity of this act crosses all lines of humanity. It shook a nation that is no stranger to bloodshed. Itamar was more than Israelis could handle. It was a crime that broke us as a nation and it was the bravery of Tamar Fogel and the decency of the Fogel family and others that helped rebuild us. No. To deny the enormity of what was done; to suggest it was a crime of money is abhorrent. My mind can take no more.

I told him, this stupid, stupid man from Holland, that the murderers confessed. He called me a nasty name and told me to do research. (For what????? They confessed, you stupid man.) He sent me to a site called … well, never mind, I don’t want to drive traffic there. But the blog post there suggests who “really” killed the Fogel family?

And then proceeds to make assumptions to prove the lie. “There is absolutely no excuse for murder of any sort.” – Well, thanks for that, I thought to myself. And here it comes…

“The callous, inhumane slaughter of two parents and three children, one of whom was a mere 3 months old, is unconscionable.” Yes, absolutely. There can be no forgiveness, no explanation, no justification – unless…unless you are so twisted, so vile, so…

“This applies even when we raise the question of the illegality of Israeli settlements.” Even then, huh? Well, thank heavens for that. “Unconscionable but…” – a new definition.

But let’s go on and finish this atrocity before my stomach really turns…

With no evidence left on the scene, eyebrows were raised in a curious case of ‘who dunnit?’” – Really, no evidence? On the contrary, the stupid murderers all but left a path right back to their village. A blind man could have followed it. Well trained intelligence officers had it easy.

The stupid blogger, cited by the idiot man from Holland, continues, “The obvious line which Israeli officials seems to have taken – Palestinians. Though, this would seem extremely odd in context. Since the very inception of Israel, settlers have been forcing the native Palestinian population out of their land. Why would Palestinians, if it was in fact them, choose to act now?

Choose to act now? Huh? The Palestinians have been “acting” all along. We have a long line of murdered innocents, dating all the way back to the creation of Israel to show the barbarity of the act. Not least of which – Samir Kuntar – who murdered a young child in a terrorist attack known for its brutality. What of Koby Mandell and Yosef Ishran, who were murdered by a Palestinian shepherd/terrorist?

And then the author truly takes a flight of fancy, wondering for us, who might have done such a terrible deed. Creative writing takes on a new definition here:

“So, if not the Palestinians then who else? Well, perhaps a fellow Israeli? Perhaps an internal dispute had broken out and the murder was act of retribution? Well who else then?….A Thai worker? Sounds far-fetched, no? Well last night it emerged that a disillusioned worker had confronted the Fogel family regarding his fees. According to QudsNet, the Thai worker had not been paid and vowed to “kill the family.”

The most obvious of answers…is often the truest as well. No, there was no Thai family, no foreign workers on the settlement. The Fogel family didn’t cheat anyone; didn’t owe any Thai worker money. The truth is that two monsters – one name Hakim Awad and the other Amjed Awad murdered this family. As suspected all along, they came from the Palestinian village of Awarta. They came, they murdered, they were caught, they confessed.

That the stupid, stupid man from Holland can hint at a different conclusion confirms beyond all reason why, at the end of the day, you shouldn’t try talking to idiots.

Nothing else, mind you – just that. Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

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  1. I wish I could tell people like that stupid man from Holland that they can’t have it both ways. On the one hand, they claim that the Palestinian perpetrators — the terrorists — are innocent… or that such terrorists simply do not exist. On the other hand, they hate Jews and would love to see them disappear off the face of the earth (God forbid).

    It reminds me of the Holocaust deniers. On the one hand, they deny that the Holocaust occurred — but out of the other side of their mouths, they spew their regrets that the Nazis didn’t manage to finish the job.

  2. It’s bitter to feel the hatred. But remember – for every idiot from Holland who will never get it because he doesn’t WANT to, there are dozens of silent readers who understand.

    This is the only way I can continue to blog. Otherwise, the blind hatred, opinionated ignorance and wilful spreading of lies would make me bang my head on the wall and just get up.

    Don’t write for the haters – write for those who are willing to learn and who are searching for valid answers and truth.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does!–Forrest Gump

  4. A tidbit of info for the knowledge of the general public:
    There ARE no Thai workers in Itamar, nor are there Arab workers. There is a strict rule in the settlement that only Jews are allowed in. Any Arabs who came in wouldn’t have been able to simply walk through the main gate- they HAD to break in.
    The people of the settlement have gone to extremes to ensure this. The Arab truck driver who delivers milk and eggs to the supermarket in the morning knows to leave the goods at the main gate for someone to take in. When a new family moves in, they are approached beforehand, and warned that if the movers are not Jews- they will not be allowed in.
    I would say you can use this as (excessive) proof that there could not have possibly been an argument with a Thai worker, but you’ll probably just get an earful about how those settlers discriminate against Arabs and Thai workers. Never mind that the Itamar Massacre is proof that these people are the only ones who have it right.

  5. @Anonymous, you hit the nail at the head there. This Dutch guy was wrong in his idea about the murderers, that is for sure. If he just fucked up there because he missed the news, or if it was deliberate, I don’t know, can’t tell by this blogpost.

    However, it is debatable if we should allow settlements like these in Israel. They are illegal by international right, and racist for they are just meant for Jews. I might be a Jew myself, yet I condemn racist legislation. It doesn’t help the country the least bit, and only creates more animosity.

    B.t.w. Soldiers Mother, do continue with your blog posts. I’ve been reading them for a while, yet this was the first time I felt compelled to reply. I always think it is interesting to read about Israeli life from the inside, and you are a good writer. But I very much would welcome if you to put things more in a neutral perspective… it is sometimes too much like propaganda, and you seem to be angry a lot. Try to look at the positives, for they are there.

    Greetings from Canada, shalom aleichem

  6. I just want to say toda raba. I love reading your blog and appreciate your willingness to take the time to try and educate people like Mr. Man from Holland. I’d like to think that every once in a while we can break through the hatred and stupidity.

    Thank you for sharing and for inspiring (I hope to make Aliya – most likely will have to wait until I retire in about 10 years)


  7. Paula, hatred blinds. Mr. Holland obviously hates Israel and Jews. He is incapable of seeing the truth, so he clings to third-rate blog conspiracy theories to justify his hatred.

    You can teach some of the people some of the time, but you can’t teach a blind idiot to see the truth.


  8. Oh sure, I make my little comment about hatred blinding people and NOW I see your next post! I guess great minds *do* think alike! 🙂


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