1. That’s exactly why I’ve always said peace will only come with true education for the palestinians. (like history, maps. And no more math questions involving how many Jews do you have to kill to…)

  2. Political indoctrination aside, it hurts to see parents treat their children this way.

    Did you see how he looks at his father/teacher whoever it is when he does not know the answer?

    Did you hear in which tone the father/teacher asks him to speak up? Did you hear the father’s menacing undertone when he does not produce “Nouakchot” at first try?

    All in all, the child seems quite intimidated and I do not think he spent only happy moments learning all those capitals. Father does not seem to have the patience required when dealing with a two-year-old.

    What will be the result of the indoctrination? We do not know. But it might well produce a refusal reaction on the side of the child…

  3. This clip doesn’t worry me. I think the kid is repeating what he’s been told, but kids are told all kinds of things and they go past them. If it stays with him it’s because of continued exposure to these ideas, not because of early exposure.

    I think I get this impression because there is no violent emotion expressed in the clip. The main goal is to show off how precocious the little two-year-old is.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes; it was truly a very nice day.

    Thanks also for the kind comments about the blog and my writing. As you can probably tell, I love to write (and I love comments too).

    Anonymous…the clip worries me for exactly the reasons you specify. Sure, the kid is cute and precocious but more, he is being taught early the ways of hate and denial and knowing Arab culture as I do…up front and personal from living here, I know that for the rest of his life, for as long or short as that will be, the indoctrination will continue. He will be raised this way and if he doesn’t join the long line of suicide bombers…he will raise his children in this same way. I can hope I am wrong; I can pray that I am wrong…but until I am…so long as the Arabs teach their children as this child is being taught, peace will not come to the Middle East. This clip most definitely does worry me; it is a sign of yet another generation being poisoned.

  5. Hi The Tourist – thanks for sharing this article. It was an important one and the way I write…probably nothing is a bit of a tangent. So, how’s the weather in Canada now? I think I’m down to missing snow and Sundays…wow do I miss snow!

  6. That’s funny, because I wish nothing more then for the cold to be far, far away from here.
    Here in Toronto we haven’t had our first snow of the season yet, but when we do, I’ll be sure to take a picture and post it.

    Speaking of tangents, I’m about to go on another one…

    I’d really like to thank you (and this lovely little blog of yours) for playing a pivotal role in changing some of the (grossly unfair) misconceptions I’ve held in the past concerning Israel and the IDF. I originally stumbled upon the link to this blog just over two months ago, and clicked on it poised to criticize. What I found was an emotional, insightful, informative and moving wealth of information and ideas that I haven’t been able to ignore since. At least once a week I check in to see what’s new, with you, your (somehow mesmerizing) family, and your beloved country.

    …I think what I want to say can be summed up a little easier:

    I’ve been keeping a ‘bucket list’ ever since I was a very young girl. Since I began reading this blog, and learning about Israel, visiting there has made its way in to the top ten. Through your stories, pictures, and all the research I’ve had to do to inform myself on some of the issues, holidays, and practices you’ve mentioned here, I’ve somehow become deeply infatuated with your country and your people.

    And….that is all. Sorry this post turned out to be so long, it’s just been a long time coming.

  7. Oh, The Tourist…you sure know what to say to get to me. I’m glad I’ve helped show you a picture of my country that sadly, too often, is not shown to others. I love Israel – that is probably clear to everyone but more, I believe in it. I know that what it does, it does to exist and not to harm others. Too often, we sooner hurt our own than others. Please let me know if you come to Israel – I’d love to act as tour guide for a few days. I love showing off some of the places people don’t always get to see. Stay in touch and thanks for sharing and commenting.

    As for snow…oh, yes, I miss it and the cold. I guess I shouldn’t tell you that it’s about 70 degrees and beautifully sunny outside now, right? Well…it is, can’t seem to see a cloud in the sky. When you come, try to come during Israel’s winter – it might rain a bit, but it’s glorious.

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